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Whats the Difference Between a Campervan & a MotorHome ?

CamperVan Based on the Puegot Boxer

It is a good question and the answer is fairly simple.

A camper van is a panel van conversion, the manufacturer will take a standard van for example Puegot Boxer van and fit a bespoke interior. Peugeot Nuevo II ES Auto-Sleeper camper van manufactured by Marquis Motorhomes is a good example of this type of conversion.

On the other hand a motorhome is built on a chassis cab, so the manufacturer will just buy the cab and chassis and then build sides, back and roof. This approach allows greater freedom in design and will usually be bigger and can be custom built to meet your individual tastes, it does of course come with a more expensive price tag.

For more information on the Peugeot Nuevo II ES Auto-Sleeper please contact Auto Sleepers

New price: £47,600

Accommodation: four-berth
Engine: 2.2-litre diesel
Power: 130bhp
Economy: 30mpg
From: Auto Sleepers Group Ltd, WR12 7QF. Tel: 01604 783 034

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