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4×4 Campervan Hire in Botswana

If safari driving is your dream, then Botswana is the place to go. Considered to be safer than other safari destinations such as Kenya, Botswana is easy to navigate by self-driving. There are many magnificent nature reserves and safari parks to discover, with most of them featuring campervan parks.

4x4 campervan Rental Botswana

Because Botswana is small, there is no need to drive a long distance to see fantastic animals. Straight from your safari camper, you will be able to see elephants, gazelles and zebra in their natural habitat. Road conditions are generally good, except during the rainy season, when roads can get washed out.

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Recommended 4x4 Campervan Routes in Botswana

From Gaborone:

From the capital of Botswana, it is easy to reach the amazing safari and nature reserves of the country. Head north along the A1 to the beautiful Makadikadi Basin, one of the world’s largest salt flats. Visitors will find full-service campervan sites in Francistown and Maun.

Okavango Delta:

North of the city of Maun is the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in Botswana. There are an incredible number of wild animals to be seen here. Campervan sites are available right in Moremi Game Reserve or nearby Selinda Game Reserve.

Tsodilo Hills Nature Reserve:

From Sehithwa, head north on the A36 to Tsodilo Hills Nature Reserve. It is famous for its rock paintings. There are several designated campervan sites within the park, such as Zibadianja Camp and Motswiri Camp, but camping is actually permitted anywhere in the park.

Driving 4x4 Campervan Botswana Tips

Road network:

Cities and urban areas have paved roads, but road conditions outside these built-up areas vary. The road network is simple and easy to navigate. A map is a must, with GPS even better. There is no roadside assistance.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 60kph unless specified
Provincial roads: 60kph
National roads and motorways: 120kph

Alcohol limits:

0.8 per cent, not regularly policed, modest on-the-spot fines.


Driving is on the left-hand side. Night-time driving can be treacherous as many drivers do not use headlights, so avoid driving at night. Carrying a winch, a rope, a jack, a full petrol can and a spare tyre is a must.

Cost of fuel:

It can vary greatly, but around half that of the UK; try to choose large petrol stations, as small places may not have good quality petrol on sale.

Compare 4WD Campervan Hire Botswana

Since campervan rental and camping are popular in Botswana, there are plenty of holiday camper rentals available. Most locations have a choice of van sizes, from two-berth to six-berth campervans, as well as smaller double-cab pick-up trucks with sleeping in the rear. We compare prices for campervan rentals from numerous hire companies, including those located in Gaberone, Kasane and Maun Airport. You will get the best campervan hire prices from our website.