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Known as the ‘Island of Beauty’, Corsica is a stunning destination that is often explored by self-drive. A motorhome is the most popular way to do this, allowing visitors to drive along its coasts, through its mountainous interior and into its forests.

The French island is well developed for tourism and offers drivers a number of excellent routes to explore. Self-drive is the best way to get around the island, as public transport is poor and does not reach all areas of the island.

Recommended campervan drives in Ajaccio, Corsica

Cap Corse Peninsula:
This is the northernmost tip of Corsica, with Bastia being the main entry point. The peninsula has an ancient history which can be seen in places such as Colonia Mariana, Branco and Pino. There are a number of places to rest overnight, including Camping Santa Marina and Camping L’isolottu.

Route N198:
Is a scenic drive along the east coast of Corsica, starting at the very southern tip and driving north. Discover the unspoilt beaches of Porto-Vecchio from Campsite Santa Lucia, hike the Bavella Mountain while resting at Campsite de la Côte des Nacres and visit archaeological sites from Aléria’s Campsite Riva Bella Thalasso & Spa Resort.

Northwest Coast:
Explore the island’s most visited beaches, cities and historical sites. Along this coastal route visitors will find stunning white sandy beaches, rocky inlets and the famous Grande Randonnée 20 footpath. On this drive, stay overnight at Campsite La Pinède or Campsite Le Clos des Chênes

Driving a rental RV in Corsica

Road network:
A great road network criss-crosses the island, with adequate petrol stations along the way.

Speed limits:
Urban roads: 50kph (30kph in villages)
Provincial roads: 80-90kph
National roads and motorways: 100-110kph

Alcohol limits:
00.05 per cent, with regular checkpoints and hefty fines for drink-drivers.

Driving here is on the right, with priority given to those coming from the right. Drivers should be cautious around lorries and other large vehicles.

Cost of fuel:

More expensive than in the UK, driving with care and applying standard fuel saving techniques will ensure you get more miles per gallon.

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Motorhome hire is available in Corsica’s major cities such as Ajaccio. We have consolidated the best choices at the best rates possible. Models on offer include Fiat Ducato camping van, which have been configured to sleep from two to four people.