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Oslo motorhome hire is a fantastic way to explore the East Norway Region and beyond, with motorhome the most popular way to do this. There is a first class selection of self-contained recreational vehicles available in Oslo Norway. Norway is a perfect campervan holiday destination, with hundreds of camping grounds and motorhome parks dotted around the region.

We have the best deals on campervan hire Oslo airport, Norway from top suppliers with depots in Evens airport, Bergen, Rygge and Stavanger. Top suppliers that include Pure Motorhomes Norway, McRent Norway, Rent Easy Norway and Touring Cars Norway.

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is a historical city that dates back more than 1,000 years. It is filled with landmarks, museums and parks, and is surrounded by the picturesque Oslomarka forest. Drive out of the city and be greeted by other beautiful cities, seaside towns, lovely valleys and magnificent fjords.

We specialise in campervan hire Norway and advise early booking to be assured the best choice from motorhome hire fleets available at all key entry points in Norway.

Main Suppliers of Quality Oslo Airport Motorhome Rental

Oslo campervan hire suppliers offer a good choice of campervans from small budget, to larger luxury campervans. The main suppliers that provide quality campervans and RV's for rent include.

  • Rent Easy Norway : Offer a good range of quality camper vehicles at very competitive prices.
  • McRent Norway : McRent offer quality German made campervans to suite couples and families, they have an extensive network throughout Europe and beyond 
  • Pure Motorhomes Norway : Are geared to the more budget conscious, but the vehicles are well maintained and affordable,

McRent Oslo Airport

McRent Norway have a depot near Oslo Airport and are able to offer great choice from small budget friendly to larger family and luxury motorhomes. McRent having a good range of depots with Norway are able to offer one-way discounts, example pickup your campervan rental in Oslo and return to Bergen, Norway

McRent motorhome hire Norway offer a first class range of campervans from budget 2 berths to luxury 4 berth motorhomes, they have depots at Oslo Rygge and Oslo Gardermoen in Norway

They also offer discounts for longer Campervan rentals

  • Rental in Norway from 21 days -5 %
  • Rental in Norway from 31 days -7 %

Oslo Motorhome Rental Options

Below is just a small selection of campervan Oslo rental options available, please note that even the basic models are on request, so do book early to secure the campervan best suited to your travel requirements. Early bookings will also qualify for the McRent hot deal specials. 

Touring cars Norway have a range first class campervan rental options. Startingbudget 2 berths camping cars to luxury 4 berth motorhomes, they have depots at Oslo Rygge and Oslo Gardermoen in Norway. 

Oslo, Norway Motorhome rental

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Best times of year to hire a motorhome in Oslo

The summer months of June, July, and August are typically the best time to tour Oslo in a motorhome or campervan/. Expect the average high temperatures to be around 20s (Celsius) and the daily lows are around 14 degrees.

About Oslo 

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is a historical city that dates back more than 1,000 years. It is filled with landmarks, museums and parks, and is surrounded by the picturesque Oslomarka forest. Drive out of the city and be greeted by other beautiful cities, seaside towns, lovely valleys and magnificent fjords.

Campervan Hire Oslo

RV rental drives in Oslo Suggestions

Highway E18:

A scenic drive along the fjords in East Norway, including Drammensfjord, Oslofjord and Sandefjord. Those with time on their hands can continue south to Kristiansand at the very southern tip of the country. On this beautiful drive, park your recreational vehicle overnight at Drammen Holiday Park or Vøra Camping and Beach. Buskerud, which includes Drammensfjord, is famous for hiking as well as skiing. Oslofjord is the famous Fjord in Norway that actually leads to the capital city of Oslo. The fjord is actually so large it boasts over 22 cities surrounding it. Along with many cities, you actually have an abundance of islands along the way. Some of these islands have cars, some are just nature filled – and some are not so easy to get to in general! Sandefjord is actually a place with a pretty awesome and exciting past leading back to the Viking age. If you are here and love history, ask around to hear the local legends and see what is actually documented! You won’t be let down.


Norway’s biggest national park is also Northern Europe’s largest highland plateau. It is home to reindeer, hiking paths, lakes, moors and rivers. The drive here is equally beautiful, passing by Tyrifjord Lake on the way to the Krøderen Lake, into the Hallingdal Valley and to the popular skiing town of Geilo. Rest at Stavn og Hytter or Ål Camping. Hardangervidda is actually so large it expands 3 different counties. It is Norway’s largest national park and known for herds of wild reindeer. The national park is actually 3,422 km² (1321 square miles), so it is best to stick to the edges where it is safe unless you are well versed in getting lost! The barren lands of this place are surely worth camping to see the stars and enjoying mother nature. While here, don’t miss one of Norway’s most infamous mountains – Gaustatoppen.


A breathtaking drive through the mountains and valleys to this picturesque valley that is famous for its world-class skiing. From Oslo, drive north on the E6, along the impressive Mjøsa Lake and into the valley. On this drive, stop and rest at Tangenodden RV park or Lillehammer campgrounds. Gudbrandsdalen is home to 5 small towns that are unique and well worth visiting. One of the benefits of getting to explore the countryside of Norway is being able to indulge in Norwegian culture. Enjoy some of the famous snowsports in Kvitfjell, which was built for the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. It is now considered one of the best places for snowsports in all of Europe.

Tips To Drive a Rental RV in Oslo, Norway

Road network:

an excellent road network leads to the fjords, the valleys and the mountains surrounding the city, with plenty of petrol stations available.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 50kph (unless specified)
Provincial roads: 80kph
National roads and motorways: 80kph

Alcohol limits:

Low at 0.02 per cent, with hefty fines and possible imprisonment for drink-drivers.

Fuel : 

Even more expensive compared to the UK, so it is important to plan your tours with this in mind or budget for fuel costs in your holiday costs.


Norwegians drive on the right-hand side. Using a horn is considered impolite. Drive slowly to avoid hitting animals or sliding on ice if visiting in the winter.

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Campervan hire Norway is a popular family holiday type and is in rental campervans from the key depots including Oslo airport do sell out. We can offer a wide choice of RVs and motorhomes from budget to luxury.  Touring cars offer a good selection of smaller camping style cars, suitable for young couples. Pure motorhomes can provide larger 4 and 6 berth luxury campervans at reasonable prices.

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