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6 Reasons to Choose a motorhome Holiday Over Traditional Fixed Accommodation

Some of the best and most memorable holidays that anyone can have is to tour around in a motorhome. Not only will this result in a great adventure but it will also allow you to see numerous things, visit a number of destinations and let you enjoy the open road.

Renting a campervan can also be more cost effective especiallu if you keep away from expensive restuanate and do your own campervan outdoor BBQ's.

Nowadays many holidaymakers are opting to go on a motorhome holiday rather than stay in a typical hotel. It is becoming a popular way to travel and a fun way to zip around. There are numerous great campsites around that cater to families, singles and couples allowing you to meet other like-minded travellers along the way.

When it comes to where to go, well the world awaits. Top of list are the countries with wide open spaces like the USA, Australia and Canada

​If you are considering choosing a motorhome vacation over a traditional fixed accommodation here are six reasons that will help you make up your mind.

Campervan Holiday

See as much as you would like

The beauty of a motorhome holiday is that you can see as much or as little as you would like and do this at your own pace. When staying at a traditional hotel what you can see is limited to its surroundings. Yes, many accommodations offer day trips, but this means seeing what they want and in their timeframe. With a motorhome this is not as issue, as the sky is the limit. When you start your search for the campervan that meets with your requirements do not overlook the VW swiss style campervan.

Enjoy an adventure

There is nothing adventurous about staying in a fixedaccommodation. With a motorhome you can get out and explore all of the nooks and crannies of any country. Visit off-the-beaten-path destinations, discover natural landscapes and enjoy the open road. A motorhome will allow you to do all of these things, while a hotel will not.

While driving around you may find smaller routes that could lead you to stunning scenery in the countryside, something that is impossible to do if you are stuck in one spot for your entire vacation. If you are adventurous than opting for a motorhome holiday it clearly the right thing for you.

Pure Comfort

A motorhome is just like a home, but on wheels. Enjoy all of the comforts of home while on your vacation. Bring as much or as little as you would like, all of your favourite foods and anything else you would like to give you the ultimate vacation. You can even bring your beloved pet so that he/she can also enjoy some time away with the family.

Save Money

Hiring a motorhome can be quite affordable as are campsites around the world. This means that you can take a longer holiday or you can use some of your savings on other things. Plus, with the vast variety of motorhomes available you can spend as much or as little on a vehicle as you would like. Budget holidaymakers can explore in a converted van (often referred to as a campervan), while those willing to spend a bit more can choose a vehicle complete with DVD Player, LCD screen, 4 burner hob and leather upholstery.

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When staying in a traditional fixed accommodation you wake up to the same view every day, are greeted by the same people each morning and often do the same thing each and every day. This routine can be a bit tiresome for some. When on a motorhome holiday you will experience quite a lot of diversity. You will wake up everyday to a different view, meet a wide range of personalities and do and see something different each day. One day you can wake up to the sound of the sea, another to the stunning view of rolling hills and yet another day being surrounded by forest. The choice is up to you.

Tour with family and friends

As mentioned before, there is a plethora of motorhomes to choose from. This makes it very easy to tour as a group. Not only will you have the space but also the privacy. When you stop you can enjoy a picnic or a campfire together or even a scenic hike. Motorhomes can accommodate as many as eight people, or hire more than one vehicle for even more space and privacy.

Is a Campervan Rental Holiday for you? 

Renting a campervan is easy and it is a better option than staying at a traditional fixed accommodation. It is a fun, memorable way to explore any country or region and at the same time it will save you money.