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Advantages of Buying a Static Caravan

Having a home away from home in terms of owning a static caravan can help a family relax and get away to familiar surroundings that is still a change from the day to day routine.

Static caravans are like a second home and like a home are expensive, but if maintained well your caravan will last a lifetime. Static caravan insurance will help you financially  if any serious incidents occur to your beloved caravan    

Financial Reasons to own a Static caravan

This makes it possible to fit this expenditure in any budget which leads to peace of mind.

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    The costs are fixed for using the caravan.
  • Utilities average the same each month the caravan is used.
  • Electricity is supplied to each home.
  • Water is supplied to each home.
  • Many have natural gas lines so the elimination of portable tanks is possible.
  • The rental for the plot in the holiday park known.
  • This includes the security guards on the premise of the holiday park.
  • Insurance is fixed annually of longer.
  • Travel costs from the home residence to the caravan are known.
  • No seasonal rise in prices as occurs at hotels.
  • Mortgage of the static caravan is known.
  • This is a non-factor for those that make the purchase outright.
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      The static caravan can be rented out to help offset the annual costs of owning one.
  • Most holiday parks permit this, but not all.
  • Emotional Reasons of Owing a Static Caravan

    These are some of the reasons you might decided to invest in a static caravan so you and your family can relax and enjoy life to its fullest on terms you dictate. Most parks permit gardens, flower and play sets for young children to enjoy when at your home away from home.

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      Knowing t​​​his is your home.
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      Being free to do as you want since it is your home.
  • Have pets if permitted in the holiday park rules.
  • Having family and friend over for the holidays at no additional costs.
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      By choosing the holiday park that fits your needs, location and rules, more enjoyment away from the day to day life is possible.
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      Peace of mind in owning a holiday home.
  • Upon each return you know just what to expect, in what is there and           what you need to bring.
  • Food, clothing and miscellaneous supplies.
  • Turnover in residents at holiday parks are generally not high so                  knowing your neighbors is very common.
  • Your vehicle is safely parked at your home.
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      Knowing what facilities the holiday park provides so plans can be made in advance.
  • Many have heated swimming pools.
  • Walking paths for exploration are available at most parks.
  • Some have large gather lodges so parties and events can be held.
  • Some events are held by the park owners while the facilities can be rented         out or part of the rental cost for tenants.
  • By owning your own static caravan, you can relax in a setting out of the urban element with clean fresh air to help not only rejuvenate the family, but live a healthier lifestyle.