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Glastonbury Festival

Since 1970 the Glastonbury Festival has been one of the UK’s largest summer festivals, attracting people from all over the globe thanks to its hippie ethics and live music acts. Today, around 150,000 people attend the festival each year, which takes place over three or four days at Worthy Farm in southwest England. For more detailed information on this classic festival, please visit Wikipedia, we have also used this as a reference in compiling this article.

Worthy Farm is located in Somerset just east of Glastonbury on the tip of the White lake River and surrounded by the Mendip Hills. The spiritual significance of the area is why the farm was chosen as the location for the popular festival, which as well as music also features circus acts, theatre performances, comedy acts and artwork. It is a massive property that is divided into a number of areas, including the joyous Green Fields, the legendary Arcadia, the after-hours Shangri-La and of course the main music stages.

Within the festival grounds are several camping areas, though many festival-goers prefer to enjoy Glastonbury Festival from the comfort of a campervan. These can be hired in the nearby city of Bristol or from a number of other locations across southern England, such as Southampton, Luton or even London. Hire a campervan for Glastonbury Festival and enjoy the pleasure of a comfortable bed, home cooked meals and a private shower.

When purchasing tickets for the festival, it is also possible to purchase a campervan ticket together with a festival ticket. This will ensure access to the fields surrounding the festival area, which are divided into plots and will also fit one tent. Those that would prefer something a little bit more comfortable can stay at a nearby bed and breakfast, though these are not within walking distance of Worthy Farm.

It is possible to drive to the Glastonbury Festival from anywhere within the UK, making sightseeing stops along the way. Drive to the festival from London and stop at historical Winchester Cathedral and the famous landmark Stonehenge. Arrive to the festival from Birmingham and spend a day or two exploring the stunning Malvern Hills or hiking through the magnificent Cotswolds.

Once arriving at the Glastonbury Festival, you will be assigned your plot and will have full access to all areas of the festival grounds from there. If you opt to stay off of the festival grounds, be sure to purchase a car parking pass. Then enjoy all of the music acts, circus performances and live theatre as well as the nightly DJs spinning their tunes well into the night.

Campervan Hire Near Glastonbury 

Staying in a damp tent is not for everyone, for many they need the luxury of a rental campervan. If you are arriving into Manchester, the good news is that a range of Manchester motorhome rental options are available from the airport with top UK campervan rental companies.