Explore Belgium in a Motorhome from Big Sky

Belgium, which conveniently sits at Western Europe’s crossroads, is a low-lying country with plenty of major motorways running through it. It is quite a small country but has plenty to see, including the vibrant capital city Brussels, the historic city of Bruges and the stunning hilly countryside of Ardennes.

The entire country sees a maximum road distance of 300kms so it is extremely easy to explore by self-drive, and motorhome hire in Belgium is an exciting and adventurous way to do this. It also makes it easy to continue into Germany, France, Netherlands and Luxembourg, all which lie within a couple of hours of Brussels.

BigSky has a great selection of luxury motorhomes to tour around the country. By arranging Belgium motorhome rental it is possible to see Flanders Fields in Ypres, go hiking in Liege and relax in the beach town of Ostend, as well as explore the big cities of Bruges, Brussels and Antwerp.

A two-berth A motorhome offered by BigSky is best for couples exploring Belgium on a budget, while the seven-berth H is an excellent choice for families or larger groups.

Regardless of what you are after it is recommended to compare campervan hire in advance with RVRentaCampervan to find the lowest rates.

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