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RV Rental For Burning Man, Nevada 2013

Burning Man, NevadaBurning man is one of the most famous events on the planet, attracting artists and free-loving spirits from all over the world. This massive festival started off in 1986 when a few friends burned a wooden man to celebrate the summer solstice and today it has turned into the world’s largest bonfires. The event now attracts tens of thousands each year, though the maximum capacity allowed is 50,000. Tickets almost always sell out well in advance, as do RVs, which is the preferred mode of transport and accommodation for many at the festival.

Reno is the closest city to the Burning Man Festival, which takes place in Northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, and a great place to arrange RV rental to enjoy this wonderful annual event. Suppliers such as El Monte and Compass have depots here, both which are used to dealing with Burning Man participants. For a larger selection of vehicles, pick up your RV in Salt Lake City. RVs here are supplied by Cruise America and Pure, as well as Compass and El Monte.

The great thing about renting an RV for Burning Man is that as well as attending this amazing event you can also go on a road trip throughout America. Many participants come from cities and states further away and enjoy driving across the country before arriving at the festival. RVs can be rented from nearly any city in the country, making this a great option, and the selection of vehicles that much greater.

Book early for the Burning Man in 2013 with El Monte, Rv Hire Reno and RVRentaCampervan.