The Future of CampVans Swiss Style

The design takes inspiration from both the swiss army knife and the old VW camper van, the fold away van when open can sleap upto 5 people with a kitchen, bathroom and lounge . Walls are collapsible and seats fold down to create extra room.

This modern take on the VW camper van will be called the Ecco and will be  15ft-long electric vehicle.   A solar panel roof will keep the battery charged,  the solar panel will fully charge the battery in 8 hours which is good for 24 hour use.  Nau the company behind this new concept Motorhome believes like us that Motorhome holidays are growing in popularity and they are keen to get into this expanding market excuse the pun. I for one can not wait to take this new van on the road , the price has yet to be set but we expect it will very expensive but should be become more affordable as production is racked up to meet the expected demand.


spokesman for NAU, the company which designed the Ecco, said: ‘We want this vehicle to be as iconic as the VW camper van.

‘While a bit wider than its Volkswagen predecessor, the Ecco’s form is more aerodynamic, and the vehicle rides closer to the ground.

‘The result is vastly improved interior volume, wonderful sight-lines for all passengers, and less wind resistance to boot.’

‘We want to bring the freedom of the road back to generations of the future.’

NAU says it has not yet decided on a price for the vehicle.



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