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Top 2 Finland Motorhome Road Trips

One of the most northern countries in the world, Finland is a small, yet diverse country with so much to offer. In addition to its modern cities it is also home to a plethora of lakes, beautiful landscapes, unspoilt nature and comfortable towns. It is one of the world’s most technologically developed countries, but without losing its culture and heritage.

Best time to go to Helsinki Finland

The best time to go to Finland to visit Helsinki is May to September. During this time, the rainfall is limited and temperatures can reach 26ºC. With Helsinki city having a Continental climate with warm summers bit harsh winters

Motorhomes are available for hire in the capital city of Helsinki and in Rovaniemi; the gateway to Lapland in the north, making it easy to visit all of Finland’s main destinations. It has an extensive road network that is well-maintained and signposted, though of course caution should be taken when driving here in the winter months.

Before heading out on the road it is a good idea to plan where to go, what to see and what direction to head in. Have a look at my top 2 Finland motorhome road trips for some ideas.

1. Land of a thousand lakes

This stunning drive starts in Helsinki, which is the main gateway into Finland and where the largest selection of vehicles are available. Once you have your motorhome and are ready to set off drive northeast along the E18 towards Porvoo. This picturesque city is just a short drive (it takes me less than one hour) and worth exploring. It is famed for its cobbled lanes and old wooden houses and is a popular day trip destination from Helsinki.

Next, drive along Highway 6 towards Lappeenranta near the Russian borderand visit its historical fortress before continuing along the highway and the Salpausselkä ridge to Imatra. Imatra has been visited for over 300 years and many Russian czars have holidayed here. I also think that it is a great place to rest for a night or two. Afterwards I continue along the highway towards Parikkala and then head north along Highway 14 and through the Punkaharju Ridges. This area is absolutely spectacular, so get your camera ready and start shooting. Keep driving until you reach Savonlinna, which is my next rest stop.

Sevonlinna is made up of a number of islands in the middle of Finland’s largest lake; Lake Saimaa. The small city is breath taking and has much to offer, including its medieval castle, orthodox museum and wooden church –which is the largest in the world. It is worth spending a few days here before continuing the road trip west along Highway 14 to Highway 5 and south back towards Helsinki. On the way back, I usually stop in Mikkeli; a cosy town that was once the headquarters of the Finnish Army.

2. Finnish Lapland

This is the country’s wild north. It is home to the indigenous Sámi people, pine forests, mountains and wildlife and has some magnificent scenery. I always enjoy exploring this less developed region of the country and going hiking in it national parks to see wildlife, nature and of course the midnight sun.

This road trip starts and ends in Rovaniemi; the capital city of the region and its business centre, though it is most famous for Santa and the Santa Claus Museum. It is best to do this drive in the summer months when the roads are much safer and the temperature more bearable.

From Rovaniemi, drive north along the E75 for around three hours to Inari, which sits along Lake Inari and is the centre of the Sámi culture. I like to spend a few days here because the landscape is beautiful and the people very friendly. It is also a great place for canoeing and horseback riding, and is a great base to use for exploring the surrounding national parks and forests.Afterwards, you will head back towards Rovaniemi. I usually take the scenic route along Pokantie/Route 9552 through the Lemmenjoki National Parkand spend a couple of days there before continuing along this route to Sirkkaandand then north along route 79 to Kittilä, which is a famous ski resort.

Next I drive southwest along Route 80 to highway E8,which runs south along the Swedish Border. Tornio is the next stop, which is a great place to see the Northern Lights. It is also the Lapland’s oldest city and has a plethora of attractions. Before I continue north along Highway E75 to Rovaniemi I always stop in Kemi to see its famous snow castle.

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of other road trips that can be taken in Finland, these just happen to be my two favourites. You can also explore Western Finland and Oulu by Campervan hire Finland and discover the coastal region and the country’s modern technology centre.

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