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Top 3 Campervan Destinations in 2016

There is always a reason to see the other side of the world – be it traveling in the sky on a plane or riding a campervan on the road. We humans have this innate need for adventure every once in a while, so why not indulge in a real travel adventure on the road and see the wondrous sights that the world has to offer.

So, this coming 2016, it’s only fitting to look out for the best destinations for campervan adventures. While there are five-star hotels and affordable lodges available, renting a mobile or static caravan home on your chosen location will provide that extra oomph to your holiday. A ‘home away from home’ type of experience awaits us campervan adventurers, so it is necessary to find the best destination and prepare for the coming year.

Here are 3 of the best campervan locations we think are worth visiting in 2016:


Europe is among the top destinations for campervan adventurers because of the wide array of sights and sounds that are unmatched by any other region in the world. It is a region full of wonder as there are many untouched natural resources, bringing out the best display of landscapes and seascapes, as well as wildlife and everything in between.

Crossing borders is allowed mostly in Western Europe, so you can drive the long and thrilling roads that are sometimes not travelled by organized tours. You can visit small villages that are out of reach to most tourists and you can even indulge in the hidden gems that only the locals can tell you. Western Europe is the best option because it is the region that is well-suited for campervan travellers.

Take the best (and longer) drives in Europe in your luxurious mobile home because it is the ideal way to do so. Iceland’s Highway One is among the best because this route circles the main attractions in the country. Or take the route from Helsinki to the Arctic Circle and start with tree-lined roads leading to Arctic tundra. When in Italy, travel the Amalfi Coast to see the most spectacular drives in the world during off season. Or take the Romantic Road in Germany during off-peak season to see the wondrous medieval towns and fairytale castles.

New Zealand

The ever-changing landscape of New Zealand is a must-see and it can only be experienced fully while riding a motor home. One moment you are driving through a valley, and then find yourself in a glacier field or an untamed coastline the next. The months of June to August are the best times to see the country.

Make sure to drive the route from Te Anau to Milford Sound to enjoy the sight of beech trees and the golden meadows of Fiorland National Park. Or through the forested mountain route of the Coromandel Peninsula which extends from Waihi (south) to Port Jackson (north).

New Zealand allows freedom camping in public conservation areas which let campervan travellers stay for the night within permissible conditions.

South America

Thinking of renting a camping car in South America?

For the bold and daring camper, this could be one of your best campervan tours. But based on our observation, it is best to plan on what you would like to see in the area. Take note of the seasons and be prepared for any changes along the way – where the real adventures begin.

Expect barren wilderness, immense plateaus, coastal roads, and stunning mountain views. The most camper-friendly country is Argentina since it has well-developed highways, national parks, and numerous campsites with electric hook-ups.

Take the road to Tierra del Fuego and drive the Argentinean west and east coasts going to the very tip of South America to see some spectacular views. If you love seeing wild grasslands, the Pampas in the southern part of Buenos Aires is the long campervan drive you need. Or take the Lake District which spans in both Chile and Argentina to enjoy the spectacular waterways while driving on good roads.

So, which one of these campervan destinations are you contemplating on for 2016?

Whichever you choose you won’t be disappointed.