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USA RV Hire for a holiday to remember

RV Hire USAThe USA is one of the most popular destinations in the world for an RV holiday, with millions of travellers choosing nature and the open road as their choice holiday. With famous natural attractions such as Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and the Sequoia National Park together with historical sites such as Mesa Verde and the incredible Smithsonian Institution a USA RV holiday is sure to be one to remember.

The USA is massive and it can be hard to decide which route to travel by RV hire. It also has so much to offer and numerous routes that are famous for road trips, including the iconic Route 66, US Highway 1 and the Santa Fe Trail. Jazz lovers can follow the entertaining Jazz Track, while history buffs will enjoy driving an RV along the Braddock Expedition route.

The selection of Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park is the most visited natural attraction in the USA as well as being a popular destination for those enjoying an RV holiday. There are also a number of other scenic attractions nearby, making this area a top choice for an RV holiday to remember. As a result, there is a huge selection of RV models available in nearby Phoenix, which is a great starting point for exploring the park and other destinations throughout the state.

RV hire in Phoenix is available from top suppliers such as Cruise America, Compass and Pure Motorhomes, guaranteeing that there is a comfortable RV to suit everyone’s needs. Models on offer include the budget-friendly family sized C30, the cosy C19 Compact and the luxurious AF34 Class A Motorhome with slide.

California is another popular destination for an RV holiday filled with amazing sights, including the Yosemite National Park, the Sequoia National Park, the Big Sur coastline and Redwood National Park. Collect your RV in Sacramento, San Francisco or Los Angeles and explore the California coast, the mountains and the rolling hills in the Napa Valley.

Travel along US Highway 1 by RV to discover the east coast of the USA, which will surely result in a holiday to remember. Start the journey in Maine and follow this route all the way to Florida, making numerous stops along the way. Visit the historical Seacoast region of New Hampshire, drive over the iconic George Washington Bridge, snap photos of the Capital Building, explore the prehistoric Congaree National Park and enjoy the beaches along the Florida Gold Coast.

The opportunity for a USA RV hire for a holiday to remember is endless, with so many routes available and different scenery and attractions at every turn. The selection of RV hire in the USA is countless, with pickup and drop off points scattered throughout the entire country. This makes it simple to hire an RV to traverse this dynamic country and discover all that it has to offer.