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4 Outdoor Camper BBQ Ideas

Many campers know that BBQ food is among the best and easiest way for them to enjoy dining outdoors. Even for a not-so-experienced cook, outdoor camper BBQ ideas are easy to follow as there are few steps involved – from preparation to cooking process.

One of the charms and advantage of renting a campervan is the ability to save of restaurant bills. Below we have just given you some idea to get you started on the campervan culinary road,

Campervan BBQ

Prep, Pack and Go!

If you dread the idea of packing uncooked meats and fish during a motorhome camping trip, your cooler is the best solution to this concern. You can find campervan rental services that provide small to large coolers, so you don’t have to buy one.

Pack lots of ice or get several of those cold gel packs, or ask the RV rental service if they can provide for you ahead of time. Buy the meat and/or fish, and other ingredients on location – you will find nearby shops and supermarkets before heading out to your camping destination. You or another adult can prep these while on the road – to cut the time spent on cutting and chopping, tell the butcher in the supermarket/grocery to cut up, debone, and/or ground the meat or fish (depending on the recipe you have in mind).

Combine all the necessary ingredients in a container. Put a lid and store in the cooler. The few hours of travel will enable the flavors to meld in. You can easily cook your lunch or dinner at the campsite over campfire with hot searing coals; either in a pot, over the grill, or in tin foil.

The Tin Foil Way

Using tin foil is perhaps the most convenient and easiest way to cook camping food. Many campers find lots of ways to use tin foil since it is versatile and handy.

Recipes also abound the internet, but the ideal dishes to BBQ in a tin foil are those with chicken, fish, and vegetables. Heavier and thick meats like pork and beef can cook faster in a tin foil if they are thinly sliced and tenderised. Use olive oil, vinegars or canned broth to help the meat cook faster as the liquid steams and tenderises the meat. Add herbs and spices to kick up the flavors.

Kebab It!

If you want a grilled dish for a BBQ camp lunch or dinner, use skewers to make kebabs. There are plenty of kebab recipes you choose from all over the internet and cookbooks. Get the easiest recipe to prepare and one that is ideal for campervan trips.

Use cubed meat or fish and thick slices of vegetables (e.g. bell peppers, white onions, carrots). Skewer them alternately on bamboo or metal sticks. Add salt, pepper, and other flavorings you love. Prepare during your road trip and skewer the ingredients before storing in the cooler. Grill over hot coals ’til tender.

Don’t Forget the Marinade

Making marinades and BBQ sauces can also be done during your trip. Get the basic ingredients for marinades such as soy sauce, dried herbs of your choice (e.g. thyme, basil, parsley flakes, chilli flakes, rosemary, etc.), lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, vinegar, olive oil, sugar and your choice of spices. You can mix everything in a tightly-closed tumbler or jar, or in a Ziploc bag and keep in the cooler during your road trip.