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5 Best Canadian RV Tours

Last Update March 2023 by RVRentaCampervan Editorial Team

Whether it is for the holiday trip, summer holiday or weekend getaway, RV tours of Canada are the best way you can enjoy the beauty of this province and explore famed landmarks.  Canada RV rental tours need some planning and research, so before setting out on the journey, take a little time to think about your route, priorities and timing. Suppose you have only a few days, then think about the RV tour through one province. With a low population, there are not many places that bring you so close to our Mother Nature than Canada. Suppose you are a bit tentative of what Canada needs to offer, then take a close look at the list of top 5 Canadian tours in RV.

Nova Scotia’s Trail

It is considered as a scenic place in Canada. It drives loops over Cape Breton National Park, which is at 298 km. Even though, shorter drive, you will never forget what you have discovered. You can do great hiking. You will get clearer views of the ocean and Canada’s green foliage. It is a perfect combination of ocean and land, and this you will not find this beauty anywhere in the world.

Quebec’s Gaspésie Tour

The long drive possible is the famous Gaspésie Tour at Gaspé Peninsula. The 1,090 km of the drive is ranked on the Best 20 Trips of the year 2011. Starting your tour from Bas-Saint Laurent, and you can drive to the coast and see shipbuilding towns, historical lighthouses, and again get dwarfed by the nature.

Sea to Sky Highway at British Columbia

The British Columbia Sea to Sky Highway starts from US, from the state of Washington and Canada’s Whistler. It is 409 km of twisted road, with lots of left and right and up and down. You will constantly be in elevation when you drive through the notorious mountains and evergreen trees. In the process, get the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Squamish River.

Highway 1: Trans-Canada Highway

Vancouver is truly an amazing place on earth. This is considered as a number 1 drive of Canada for certain reason. Starting from Kamloops and till Banff is around 494 km filled with some lovely bridges, and several turns, and also the wildlife! But, be very careful, a moose certainly can ruin your entire trip. When you reach Glacier National Park, then you will be in awe and dwarfed by the mountains and green trees!

Saskatchewan’s Red Coat Trail

For displaying diversity in Canada, we have chosen Highway 13 on number 5. This is 676 km of the drive and is quite straight and long, that is why many people like to roll the window down & gaze out at the Canadian landscape. Along your way, you may stop off at the caves, Grasslands National Park, and do horseback riding. It is the perfect place where you can do your stargazing. If you have a little time for the long holiday, then Canada tours across the whole country give you the diverse sightseeing opportunities.

Canada is a perfect country for a RV holiday with first class parks and a wide choice of campervan rental suppliers that include Cruise Canada, Compass Canada and many other dependable suppliers.

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