German Based Knaus Wins Motorhome of the Year 2012

The Knaus Sky TI 650 MF based on the popular Fiat Ducato takes the title of Motorhome of the Year 2012 along with Fixed Bed Coachbuilt award.
Knaus Sky TI 650 MF
The Fiat Ducato which is built in Sevel factories in Italy and Brazil is the most popular base for building new motor homes. Currently, over 60 % of all new motorhomes in Europe are based upon the Fiat Ducato van. Add some German craftsmanship and precision engineering and you have an award winner.

The judges are on the lookout for a design that includes a bed big enough for two and as comfortable as a high-quality hotel bed. In addition, the kitchen must be spacious and practical with a living area that is comfy, relaxing and also roomy.

Judge Rachel Stothert, Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly’s deputy editor, said: “A great German motorhome which ticks the boxes.”

Knaus have two dealerships in the UK, Southdown Motorcaravans in Hampshire and Lowdhams, who have a dealership in Huddersfield and another in Nottingham.

This year’s awards were held at the Luton Hoo Hotel and sponsored by the Caravan Club.


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