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Top five campervan routes in France

Campervan routes in France

A campervan is a type of van well equipped and provides accommodation arrangements and transportation. They are one type of amazing vehicle that will make your travelling fun and enjoyable. Campervan will give you complete flexibility to travel anywhere you want in comfort. If you are a fan of camping, then do not miss out on campervan rental France, you will find some amazing campervan routes, which is hard to miss.

Hire a campervan rental in Paris with Pure motorhomes France or one of the other top named suppliers and explore France in luxury and in your own time. Please review some of the most popular camping routes referenced below.

Route Napoleon

Route Napoleon is full of natural extravaganza, while travelling on the route you will experience the beauty of the scenic hills, serenity of Grasse, Sisteron and Dignes villages, beautiful views of Nice. When you are driving along the route, you will be awestruck at the marvellous beauty lying in the full glory that must not be missed out. Hold on for limitless coffee on your way and start your camping tour in the tranquil valleys to get the best experience. The route originates in Grenoble and ends near Nice.

La Route Des Grandes Alps

This is one amazing route that goes around 425 miles. Do you wish to discover the splendid snow-covered peaks? Then start your journey from Lake Geneva till Nice. Throughout the route, you would be confronted with an amazing natural beauty of glaciers, mountains, and forests in your way. Best part of this route is it gives you a lot of scope to participate in the adventure activities such as skiing (on Chamonix or Morzine) and alpine walks. This is one of the tallest points on the route at a whopping 2300 m over the sea level and is just breathtaking.

Troyes to St. Etienne

To experience the French culture, then this is campervan route must definitely be included in your list. This route is 270 miles that begins from a countryside champagne town Troyes and ends on St. Etienne; it is a place that has some old colonial buildings made in the classic French styles that is one amazing treat to watch out for. In order, to reach your destination, you will have to pass by Dijon. It is a home of some reputed French mustard. The route is amazing for the couples to enjoy some beautiful moments together at many galleries and museums located.

Biarritz to Bordeaux

It is one amazing route best for the people who wish to breathe in an unpolluted air. The route starts from south-west Biarritz, and runs till the Atlantic coast in Bordeaux. View of this coastal area is just majestic and provides you an amazing opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches and take part in the water sports as well. Here you can also enjoy some local drinks and food served in the restaurants all along the coastline and try out lip-smacking delicacies made over here.

Cote d’Azur

The route covers French Riviera, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes and Nice long with the best cities of France. The route is packed with sightseers as it has a lot of holiday sights and is also considered the best choice for affluent tourists who are coming here.