Top five campervan routes in France

A campervan is a vehicle that provides transportation and accommodation arrangements as well. This kind of vehicle makes travelling a sheer pleasure for you as it gives you the flexibility to stay anywhere that you fancy. With campervan rental in France, there are some awesome campervan routes that you cannot afford to miss. They are listed below:

Route Napoleon

Filled with natural extravaganza, this route is marked with the beauty of scenic hills, the un spoilt serenity of the Grasse, Dignes and Sisteron villages, breath-taking views of Nice and more. As you drive along this route, you cannot help but feel awestruck at the spell-bounding natural beauty lying in front of you in full glory. Stop for limitless bouts of coffee along the way and camp in one of the tranquil valleys on this route to get a better experience of this route. This route originates at Grenoble (town replete with mountains) and ends at Nice.

La Route des Grandes Alps

Running for about 425 miles, this route is the best if you want to discover the majestic snow-covered peaks of France. The route starts from Lake Geneva and ends at Nice. All through the route, you will be confronted with incredible natural beauty in the form of forests, mountains, glaciers and the rough yet mighty mountains. The best part about this route is that it gives you ample scope for taking part in adventure activities like skiing (at Morzine or Chamonix) and alpine walks. The tallest point on this route is at a whopping 2300 m above sea level.

Troyes to St. Etienne

If you have been thinking for a long while to experience the best of the French countryside culture, this is the campervan route that you should opt for. The route is over 270miles long starts from the countryside champagne town of Troyes. It ends at St. Etienne, a place that houses old colonial buildings constructed in classic French architecture styles, which are a treat for your eyes. You need to pass through Dijon to get to your destination. Dijon is the home of the reputed French mustard. This route is great for couples as you can enjoy some memorable moments at the
numerous museums and galleries located here.

Biarritz to Bordeaux

This route is best for people who want to breathe in the unpolluted sea air. Starting from the south-west coast of Biarritz, this route runs up to the Atlantic coast of Bordeaux. The view of the coastal area is majestic and gives you some opportunities to enjoy the beaches and participate in water sports of your choice as well. Enjoy the local food and drinks served at the restaurants along the coastline to get introduced to some lip-smacking French delicacies.

Cote d’Azur

Running from the famous St. Tropez to the border of Italy, this route covers the French Riviera, Monaco, Cannes, Nice and Antibes along with some of the best cultural cities of France. This route is often quite crowded because it has too many holiday attractions and is considered the first choice for the affluent tourists coming here. Beaches, hotels, mountains, rocks, natural scenery, seafront view, endless coastlines – you name it, and you will see it along this route!

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