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Follow The Tour de France in a Campervan Rental

NASCAR NavadaTour de France is a famous bicycle race held for three weeks each year in France. It attracts millions of onlookers each year and many follow the Tour de France in a campervan rental. Though the race changes course each year it still always offers motorists scenic views, passing through the Pyrenees, the Alps, along the French Riviera and through the picturesque Loire Valley.

Organising a campervan rental to follow the Tour de France means that you can enjoy the race from any spot along the course, or just stay in one spot and wait for the cyclists to pass you by. This means of transport makes it extremely convenient to watch the amazing race and to be able to enjoy the comforts of home while doing so.

The Tour de France not only takes place on the mainland but also on the beautiful island of Corsica. Pick up a campervan in Ajaccio and follow the Tour de France around the island. After watching the race relax on stunning beaches, go hiking through the interior mountains along the GR-20 and dine on delicious Corsican cuisine.

Campervan selection in Ajaccio is fair and models offered here include the MV – 2 Pax, the A1 – LP – 2/3 pax and the Type A2 – Low Profile. These are provided by well-known suppliers such as Big Sky and Avis and can be picked up right in Ajaccio’s city centre.

Follow the Tour de France in a campervan rental on the mainland and travel along the glamorous French Riviera from Nice to Montpellier, while spending your evenings strolling along narrow streets, walking along seaside promenades and dining on delicious French cuisine.

Pick up a campervan in Nantes and follow the Tour de France through the Great West region from Saint-Gildas-des-Bois to Mont-Saint-Michel. When not watching the race explore the medieval village of Vannes, visit the impressive Abbey of Mont Saint Michel and relax on the beach at Le Val Andre.

Explore the picturesque French countryside while following the Tour de France by campervan. The race passes through the stunning Centre-Val de Loire, which is famed for its beautiful valley, magnificent castles and fantastic vineyards. Stop in Bourges to visit the exceptional cathedral of St Etienne and in Clermont-Ferrand to see the Romanesque Notre-Dame-du-Port.

Discover the magnificent French Alps while following the Tour de France in a campervan rental, taking in the breathtaking views and visiting picturesque mountain villages. For this leg of the tour pick up a campervan in Lyon and enjoy the scenery that follows, though you can arrange for a campervan in any major city in France to follow the Tour de France, enjoying the scenery and attractions along the way.