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Class B RV Rental

Some people might consider rentals of Class B RVs smart or fun: or maybe even both! And for obvious reasons. Class B RV rentals fuse the adventure of driving with the comforts of a built-in living space. The premise of renting is also a financially ‘safer’ option for campers who don’t want to fully commit to a campervan lifestyle (yet). Whether you want to try before you buy a Class B RV, or just want it for a brief getaway, it’s natural to be loaded with questions. With so many vehicle types to choose from, confusions about RV differences or trouble making your own risk-assessment, we’ve got you covered

What is a Class B RV?

Its form usually spans 21–24 feet and its function is to incorporate the practicality of transport into a living space on wheels. Like most campervans, Class B RVs feature cabinets, a toilet, cooking appliances and bedding for your satisfaction. However, they’re more little— making it an experience suitable for smaller groups of campers. Cozy and compact cars like these are ideal for those who want a fuel-efficient, environmentally-responsible and cost-saving journey! And like other RV models, it has towing capabilities, so you don’t have to worry that much about downsizing your baggage! 

Class As, on the contrary, are wider for ‘luxurious’ purposes. These RVs can stretch from 29 to 45 feet in length, which takes the term ‘motorhome’ to a literal level. Class As are popular for campers travelling in larger units, even though expenses pile up much faster than the other RV types! Like most ‘heavier’ vehicles, they rely on more fuel and electricity to keep running. 

Class Cs, on the other hand, are medium-sized. They come with necessary features like a bathroom and kitchenette, and they distinctively have a built-in truck chassis. The vehicle is best used on a 4–8 campers per 1 RV basis.

Is Class B the Smallest RV?

Class B is the smallest size of RV for rent and is the most popular choice with our customers for east of driving and parking and price. Price in tersms of rental price and fuel costs.

Advantages of renting a Class B RV?

Less maintenance required

Since Class B RVs are around 9–11 feet high, you won’t need a special licence in order to rent one. While you enjoy fewer hassles, you enjoy easy parking. Unlike Class A and Class C RVs that need proper pitches, Class B RVs only require (public) parking areas. This makes travelling much easier!

Cheaper Rental:

Class B RVs are streamlined, nimble and geared for the smoothest driving experience possible. They are lighter, meaning you’d require less fuel. Cutting costs is an important stress-reliever for road trips!

More convenience on the road

Whether you’re travelling in an off-grid or busy environment, you’d notice that roads can be very narrow. Since Class B RVs are developed vans, your rented vehicle would get access to routes other normal cars do.

Who Offer Class B RV Rental in the USA?

All RV rental companies will offer class B, Escape campervan specialise in this size of campervan so we l signal them out for a quick review of the Escape class B fleet.

How many people can fit inside the Class B RV Rental?

On average, the capacity for Class B RVs is around 2–4 people.

The answer could also depend on how customised the RV is. Consider the following:

  • How is the RV’s floor plan?
  • Are there extra compartments and / or furniture that makes the RV more cramped?

The model of your Class B RV might have detachable items you might want to dispose of if you’re travelling with a larger crowd. 

Another factor you have to consider as well is the availability of seat belts. Depending on where you’re travelling, there are road safety laws that require access to seatbelts, even for non-drivers. The consensus is that the amount of seatbelts available is the amount of campers the RV is allowed.

Should I Rent a Class B RV Rental?

If you are new to the world of RV Rental and you do not need a large living space, I would strongly recommend starting your campervan life by hiring a Class B. They are comfortable and easy to drive and come with loads of tech and amenities. The Class B Campervan offers the freedom and flexibility to explore the country of your choice stress free and also affordable in comparison to larger RV's. If this is your first time, check out our guide on the dos and dont's of motorhome parking.

The other advantage of opting for a class B RV rental is that suppliers including Just Go Motorhome Hire keeping a decent number of this class on their rental fleets, making the confirmation process easier than for larger campervans. The class B is can be perfect for longer trips, for example a one way RV or shorter UK style holidays. Within the UK class B campervans are available with all suppliers that offer or motorhome hire Manchester Airport, Liverpool airport campervan hire and London airports

Class B RV Rental Unlimited Miles

Class B rental with unlimited miles is available mostly in Europe and the UK and Ireland, if you are considering renting a Class B in the USA or Canada, most suppliers will provide rental, but will charge for excess miles over an agreed daily limit.