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Motorhome Parking Dos and Dont’s

A rental motorhome gives you ultimate freedom to explore at your own pace. If you have done your preparation, you will have all life essentials packed in to your motorhome. If you are new to the world of motorhomes, you will have a lot of questions on motorhome parking etiquette.

Parking motorhomes

Most of us have questions surrounding where you can park your motorhome and for how long. None of us wish to fall foul of the law or cause a hazard or inconvenience to other people. Common sense will help, but also make sure you are familiar with the rules of the country that you are visiting, particularly on the question of wild camping. 

Can I park my motorhome anywhere

First things first, you can not park your motorhome anywhere. Each country will have rules that apply to motorhome parking.  France has a more relaxed approach to wild camping, but rules still exist, if you are considering taking one of our recommended France campervan routes, check with the rental company, on the local regulations.   Always keep in mind that motorhomes should be parked only in motorhome parks or locations that you have been given permission to park.

Parking motorhomes Safely & Wisely

  • Motorhome Height, width and length : Make sure you know the height f your motorhome or campervan. We have all seen those barriers in shopping car parks warning vehicles over a certain height are not permitted. The general advice would be to avoid multi story car parks in favour of outside parking.  If you are travelling in a luxury five-berth motorhome, avoid all car parks and arrange motorhome parking in advance. 
  • Get Permission : This is a general rule that should always be adhered to, never assume that you can just park anywhere or use some vacant plot of land next to the roadway. Look for signs or ask for the owner details and ask for permission. In the UK, many farmers are setting aside plots for motorhomes to park overnight for a small fee. 
  • Space - Wherever you end up parking, make sure that you will not be blocked in or have sufficient space to get back on the road should someone park closely behind you. These motorhomes can be difficult to manoeuvrer out of tight spots.

Parking motorhomes Security

Assuming you have followed all the parking rules and found a safe and legal parking location, and are off to explore the local attractions by foot. Before leaving your motorhome for the day, consider the following.

  • Security : If you will be parking and leaving your motorhome unattended for any length of time, make sure you are leaving it secure, so it will still be there when you return.
  • Locks : Lock all doors and if you have fitted additional safety devices make sure to activate these before leaving for the day.  
  • Motorhome Parks and Camping Grounds : If you are parked in a motorhome park they may have given you a pass that must be produced to drive out of the park, Take this with you, so nobody can steal your motorhome from the park.

Parking motorhomes Don'ts

  • Freedom or Wild Camping:  Never just assume you can freedom camp, check the local rules. The motorhome rental company can also help with these type of questions. It is a hit topic and each country has different rules. Best to spend time and so some upfront research during your holiday planning stage.
  • Side of the Road  : Except for an emergency and then make sure it is a straight stretch of road and put out warning signs. Never simply park on the side of the road, doing so is creating a hazard for other drivers and is most likely illegal.  
  • Avoid slopes : A slight slope may be bearable, but a steep slope will make for a restless night with a feeling that you may fall out of bed, not pleasant and best avoided.
  • Keep your distance : Never park too close to another campervan, we all like our privacy and you should respect others
  • Short team parking : If you are using a parking facility that permits short term parking, following the rules that apply to length of stay, if a sign says permitted for 2 hours then be ready to move on after 2 hours or before.

Final Thoughts

Wild camping can be fun, especially for the occasional night, but always check the local regulations and the laws governing free or wild comping of the country that you will be touring. If you are ready to book, check out our special deals on Campervan Hire USA with the option of a one way RV rental USA or even one way RV Canada. Always book Route 66 one ways as early as possible, as they can be difficult to get confirmed if the season is in full swing.