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Route 66 is a perfect opportunity for campers to immerse themselves in Americana. Crossing the state lines of Illinois —all the way to California— the ‘most important road of America’ has been referenced by great (American) artists to be a place of inspiration. Jack Kerouac, a founding father of the Beat Movement, symbolises Route 66 as freedom in his 1957 novel, ‘On The Road’. You can ‘get your kicks on Route 66’, a place for adrenaline-boosts, as hailed by jazz musician Bobby Troup in a hit song he named after the road. Kids might even notice that the hit animation movie, Cars, was set there as well! With many locations marked as a scenic byway, there is no better place to have a campervan trip in. 

It’s 2,448 miles and straddles across many different settings: from the ranches of the Texas Panhandle to the ruins of Cool Springs in Arizona. There is simply so much to admire. Your camping experience is bound to be packed with adventure, so we’ve compiled a list of sites worth spending extra time on.

Mini Route 66 - RV Rental Chicago to Los Angeles

For many the full Route 66 would take too long and if you fall into this category a popular Route 66 alterative is picking at Chicago and return to Los Angeles, or Pick up at Los Angeles and return to Chicago.  The one way fee with Cruise America is USD $550.00.

Route 66 RV rental Agencies

Route 66 RV rental cost

The cost will vary based on three key factors, the length of the RV rental and the RV or motorhome size that you select. The larger motorhomes are more expensive than the smaller Berth campervans. Whilst long rentals will have a reduced daily rate, they still will work out more expensive than a short term rental. Most supplier impose a minimal rental of 10 days for one way RV. The third factor is any additional extras, kits and gear and the charge for miles covered in the RV Rental.  

All suppliers will charge a fee for mileage based, for example, Cruise America currently charge $0.38 per mile. This can work out expensive, and options exist to prebook mileage at a discounted rate. Cruise America also offer an unlimited mileage package plus package UNXM PLUS, which includes.

  • Unlimited Mileage upgrade (UNXM)
  • Unlimited Generator Use
  • Personal Kit - Recommended (KPP)
  • Vehicle Provisioning Kit (KPK)


Often dubbed as the ‘start’ of Route 66, you’d find Grant Park opens Route 66’s main terminal. The iconic “End Historic Route” sign rests between the intersection of Jackson Boulevard and Michigan Avenue. This is a perfect opportunity to cruise around historical neighbourhoods such as Berwyn that goes right through the ‘Mother Road’. The city also has the oldest White Castle chain, which has been serving since 1939.

Approach Will County, into the city of Joliet, and witness more dazzling attractions for your Route 66 journey. Plan to stay a little longer here— it’s where you get access to the Lincoln Highway and the world-famous Route 66 Park. Studded with Route 66 memorabilia, expect this theme park to be full of public art and quaint little ice cream stands. It also features the Collins Street Prison, a set from the 1980’s film, The Blues Brothers!

If you’re looking for a quick bite of something, drive down to Cozy Dog Drive in Springfield, Illinois! As one of the oldest makers of Corn Dogs, they promise both quality and pleasure!


Missouri is a pit stop with its own unique beauty. Known for being a ‘rural’ state, your drive will be engulfed in pastoralism and a greater sense of the Midwest. Drive into the heart of Missouri, in St. Louis, the home of blues music and icecream. Known for their warm hospitality, make sure to visit diners and get all the ‘soul-food’ the city has to offer! There are packaged tours that campers might want to purchase, such as a trip to the historical Anheuser-Busch brewery. Up north to the city is the Chain of Rocks Bridge, which stretches right across the Mississippi river. It’s been running since 1929 and perfect for campers looking for a scenic stroll / break from the road.


You can’t experience Oklahoma’s essence without trying out their food. Enjoy hearty meals at a local diner, such as the Pops 66 Local Soda Ranch: a landmark diner known for their midwestern hospitality and parking-friendly space. While there, take a touristy photo by their 66 ft. tall Soda outside!  Foodies can try dishes ranging from okra, cornbread, all the way to Saigon Baguettes. Digest and relax by Lake Hefner, where you can partake in recreational activities such as fishing or simply cloud watching.

Oklahoma may be a ‘tamer’ stop in your travel log, but it is by no means dull. There are many amusement parks like Frontier City that you can visit for a harmless blood-rush. There’s a wide range of museums to pick in Oklahoma City to pique all your interests. For those interested in Midwestern heritage, there’s a National Cowboy Museum. For fans of animal remains, there’s a Museum of Osteology where you can marvel at skeletons. And of course, a Route 66 Museum! 


Down south, where canyons meet aged Art Deco buildings, holds so many scenic views worth admiring. Pay extra extra attention to Amarillo: the only city in Texas where Route 66 goes right through. Interesting sites such as the Cadillac Ranch rests here, a public art installation created by curators of the Ant Farm movement. Roaming the streets of Amarillo, you’d notice interesting homes influenced by the Spanish Revival and Art Moderne: making it an architecturally interesting place.


Through the Will Rogers highway, take yourself to Arizona: a breathtaking place full of natural attractions. There are thousand-year-old redwoods, (large) lakes with crystal-clear waters, beaches and of course: the Grand Canyon. If you’re looking for humbling sights— or kitschy gift shops— Arizona is the place for you.


As the final destination of Route 66, California is a vibrant and fun place to mark the end of your journey. The road ends at Santa Monica, an artistic city with piers overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It holds an array of moods, depending on how you’d like to absorb the city. For romantic campers, viewing the sunset by Muscle Beach might just make your trip. For art connoisseurs, there’s a lot of galleries in Bergamot Station to satisfy your needs. For campers travelling in a family unit, a scavenger hunt game in the Heal the Bay Aquarium might be the perfect activity!

Campervan life in America

Lucky for you, RV laws in the United States allow you to park overnight in (residential) streets. Even in national parks, most places allow campers to park overnight without fees. This also applies to forests and grasslands. However, if you’re looking for campsites to find a community of similar travellers, we suggest you look here for recommended places. 

Happy camping!

Route 66 RV Rental FAQ Section

Can I Book a one-way RV rental on Route 66?

RV rental suppliers understand the demand for one way campervan hire USA, and the big names will let you pick up in Los Angeles and drop off in Chicago or near Chicago. If the full Route 66 seems too daunting, consider a mini Route 66 example,  Las Vegas to Albuquerque.

Will I be charged a One Way Rental fee?

Boondocking  which is very popular is also referred to as dry or wild camping. In answer to the question, free camping of this type can be found all over Canada.

Where does Route 66 start and end

It is now accepted that Chicago the Route 66's "Starting Point".  Chicago was historically the starting point for those seeking jobs in California or going on holiday in the wild west.

What is the law for car seats in Canada?

All child seats must meet the National Safety Mark (NSVAC). If your child seat does meet this standard why not bring it along. It will also mean you will not have to pay for this as an extra. Plus you will be comfortable in the knowledge of how your seat operates and yes how clean it is. If your child seat does not have this national safety stamp it is illegal to use.

Do you need a Special Type of Licence to Rent a Motorhome In Canada

Like most countries you will just need your standard driving licence from country of Domicile. This should be valid for at least 1 year, some supplier may insist on 2years. Check the supplier's terms. In addition age limitations may exist if you are a young driver.

How old do you have to be to rent an RV in Canada?

In Addition to having held your licence for at least one year, you will also need to be age 25 or over. Under 25s are not permitted to rent an RV in Canada.

When Should I book my Canada RV Rental?

The simple answer and this applies to any country is as early as possible. We advise making sure that you have a confirmed booking before arranging other parts of your holiday for example flights or initial few nights of accommodation.

If you are planning to book in the high season months of June, July or August please book before Christmas. For these two reasons

  • Choice: Demand is huge and suppliers will sell out completely of certain campervan categories. Whilst they may hold a large number of the smaller budget campervans they will have a limited stock of the larger luxury multi berth RVs.
  • Price : Booking early will actually be cheaper, as prices will increase as categories begin to sell out. It is also a fact that most rental companies will have special offers for booking received before Christmas

Can you stay overnight at a rest stop in Canada?

Whilst in Canada it is prohibited so send the night in roadside stops you are permitted to stay for a maximum of one hour only. Some campers do take a risk, but be prepared for a knock on your camper door in the middle of the night and requested to move on.We do not recommend this to any of our customers as it will just have a negative impact on your Canadian campervan rental holiday.

  • Choice: Demand is huge and suppliers will sell out completely of certain campervan categories. Whilst they may hold a large number of the smaller budget campervans they will have a limited stock of the larger luxury multi berth RVs.
  • Price : Booking early will actually be cheaper, as prices will increase as categories begin to sell out. It is also a fact that most rental companies will have special offers for booking received before Christmas
  • List Element

Can I Travel Into The USA from Canada in my Camper?

Most rental companies impose no restriction on travel into the USA, but if it is a one way rental it must be returned within Canada.

How does the Booking process work ?

Enter your requirements The first step to enter your booking requirements into our booking engine. At this stage you just need to enter pickup and drop cities and the corresponding dates. After Selecting the search button the booking engine will start to display all the available Canadian campervan rental options. These can be filtered to show only the ones that meet fully with your travel requirements.

Select Your Campervan : When you find a campervan that you wish to book or check availability simply click on the campervan. You will then have an option to enter your email address and get the quote sent to your inbox.

We will follow up by checking for availability and advise you if it is available and possible offer similar alternatives. It is now your choice on how to proceed, but we are on hand to help with any questions that you may have. Simply contact us or emails us.

How do I complete a Booking after the email Quote

The email that we send you that confirms availability will have a link to let you proceed to finalise your booking by making secure payment.

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