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Tips on Hiring a Campervan in Sweden

Tips on Hiring a Campervan in Sweden

Sweden is a great destination for campers because it is one of the safest countries in Europe. The Swedish countryside, coastal areas, nature parks, and local delicacies are enough reasons to visit this country. However, only campervan travellers know best about the roadside sceneries and adventure that awaits anyone who is ready for this type of camping trip.

The small rural areas and stunning scenic views of Swedish roadsides are great for campervan trips. Families and small groups enjoy this kind of adventure because it is more exciting and cost-effective. For travellers coming from other countries, hiring a campervan in Sweden is ideal especially if you don’t want to settle for hotels and similar accommodations in the cities. You get to enjoy the best of Sweden while on the road and stopping by to rest and camp for the night.

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However, the main concern regarding campervan rentals in Sweden is that there are only a few rental companies that cover the country that specialise on one way campervan services. These companies will let you hire their motorhomes or RVs by delivering them to the hotels or the airport in Stockholm. The main company that provides campervan hire in Stockholm, Helsingborg, and Vasteras Airport is McRent.

So if you wish to take a motorhome right at the airport, it is possible with McRent. If you want to unwind for a day or two at a hotel, it is also feasible to begin your journey from there. Book and discuss this type of arrangement with the rental company in advance in order to have a hassle-free campervan trip in Sweden.

Here are more tips on hiring a campervan in Sweden:

Choose your ideal campervan

The ideal motorhome for your camping trip should be based on the number of people and your basic needs. For a family or group of six people, the largest RV can accommodate this much passengers without compromising comfort, safety, and efficiency. The brand and model will depend on the campervan rental company, but you can ask the manager if you have a certain preference.

Make sure to consider if there are children especially those that are already past the toddler age. They need their own beds for resting, and space while travelling as well since playtime is also expected part of their routine and remember to bring some board games for any rainy days.

Make sure the motorhome has the required facilities

Standard campervan facilities include toilet, kitchen, water tank, and waste disposal. Remember that camping shouldn’t be a reason to litter the area you visit and leaving no trace is important to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the campsites and free parking areas.

An RV that’s fully equipped shouldn’t be too crowded, so check the facilities and ensure that they match your needs.

Prepare your budget

Camping in Europe for a week entails spending lesser Euros than just staying in a luxurious hotel in the city. Consider paying €1,000 and up for a week’s campervan trip in Sweden and this does not include the expenses you will incur during the trip such as groceries, food, drinking water, and other possible expenses.

Taking extra cash is essential to make this camping trip more enjoyable and worry free. Just always remember that there are always extra fees and expenses that can pop up anytime during your camping trip. The trick is to prepare your budget and ensure the number of people who will be travelling with you, so you can plan everything ahead.