Top camper sites in germany -

Top camper sites in germany

Germany is a popular destination for campervan holidays, partly because of the great road systems and plentiful well maintained campsites. German campervan rental is a popular option if you do not own your own motorhome. 

Some of those campsites are mainly for those who are tent camping, but you will find that there are plenty of places for you to park your campervan.  These spaces all include a ton of amenities including power, television, and entertainment. 

Here are some amazing campsites that you will want to consider when exploring Germany with your campervan:

Campsite Papiermühle

This campsite can be found in Kirnsulzbach along the river and it is inspected every year to ensure that it is still a top contender of all the available campgrounds in the country.  You will love being able to take your dog with you when visiting this campsite and there is plenty of space for you and your family to play and participate in sporting events.  The best feature of this campsite is the restaurant as it means that you will not need to cook every single day that you are there. 

Campsite Am Ziernsee

The Campsite Am Ziernsee can be found within the wooded area of Priepert directly next to a lake.  Dogs are allowed at this campsite as well, but you may be more inclined to appreciate the fact that you can swim or windsurf in the lake.  If you cannot go any length of time without internet, this campsite is for you with its WiFi availability.  They also bake bread daily and share it with all their guests. 

Campsite Ferienanlage Hofgut Hopfenburg

This campsite can be found in Münsingen and it offers many amenities that you will appreciate during your time there.  You will be given provisions as well as freshly baked bread during your stay and these are thoughtful little touches that will make you feel right at home during your stay.  They have a few computers that are hooked up to the internet, but you can also use their Wi-Fi to connect your own devices. 

Camping an der Jade

The sporting adventures at Camping an der Jade are abundant, which will make it a fabulous destination if you prefer this type of vacation destination.  This campsite can be found in Jade right next to the river.  One of the favorite things to do here is biking and there are numerous routes available for use.  The snack bar and restaurant are both great options if you do not feel like cooking a meal with your busy camping schedule. 

Campsite Peenecamp

Exploring the area of Neukalen is easy if you stay at the Campsite Peenecamp.  You can swim in the adjacent river or play a rousing game of tennis on the courts.  There are plenty of walking routes that you can take as you explore the campsite while getting some exercise in.  You can even bring your BBQ grill with you as this campsite will allow you to use it. 

​​​​Wally’s Minicamping

You will find this campsite in Neubörger and it is a popular destination for those who love to ride bicycles.  There is public transportation near this site, so you will not need to move your campervan once you have it all set up.  You will also love the ability to go shopping at the nearby shopping centers. 

Caravancamp Ostseeblick

This campsite can be found within Dranske and you will love its location near a pebble beach.  This beach will be your favorite spot as you go swimming, windsurfing, and snorkeling every day that you are there. 

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