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The Volkswagen T5 hatches 2 new Australian Trakkadu’s

Australia’s award winning motorhome manufacturer Trakka have released two new Trakkadu’s gifted with the dual qualities of being perfect as a campervan touring van or an everyday mini-van suitable for daily driving.

Apart from a host of facilities and clever engineering the van is small and easy to drive around town and will fit into standard parking spaces.

To quote Martin Poate, General Manager of Trakka “The Trakkadu is compact to use as a day-to-day car as it fits easily into parking spaces at the shops,” Mr Poate explained.

Some Features that make the Trakkadu Ideal as a Motorhome include the following:

  • ADR approved seating for four passengers through the use of two multi-position sliding seats in the rear.
  • A roof that can be raised with a switch of a button to provide a roomy interior.
  • fridge and freezer to keep the weekly shop fresh.
  • A trendy kitchen with ceramic surface and a stainless steel sink.
  • Storage facility for fresh water so you can visit a remote location happy in the knowledge you have all the living essentials.
  • Prescision Engineering and Quality materials make for Reliability and Luxury

    The 103kW and 132kW models based on the VW T5 were constructed in Trakka’s production facility with the use of 3D CAD design, latest build technologies and with quality build materials, so you will be assured reliability and comfort.

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