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The campervan hire UK cover a wide variety of sizes and models so you can explore the great outdoors in the style you desire. They can be rented out for a price lower than what you will pay for a hotel room with the added benefit of having your room on wheels. This allows you to spend time in the places you desire most instead of where the hotel is situated. We  offer luxury campervan hire UK plus a wide selection of budget campervans, giving you a wide choice of options to choose from.

How much for Campervan hire UK for a day, a week, or a month ?

Just like renting a hotel room, the cost of renting a campervan is dependent on how big it is along with the amenities you want to have with you during your holiday. The one expense you will never have to pay for is what most hotels charge a premium price for. This is scenery when in a prime location. With campervan rentals, the scenery is free.

  • 4 berthed popup campers can be rented beginning at £19 a day, £139 a week or £475 a month.
  • 2 berthed camper car can be found for £40 a day, £243 a week or £860 a month.
  • 2 berthed campervan can be located and rented for £47 a day, £279 a week or £1,132 a month.
  • 4 berthed campervan is available for £60 a day, £330 or £1,320 a month.
  • 6 berthed campervan or motorhome can be rented for £80 a day, £381 or £1,576 a month.
  • 4 berthed luxury motorhome can be found for £90 a day, £372 a week or £1,674 a month.

Campervan Hire UK dditional factors in the cost of renting 

The above prices are reflective that the campervan is rented for more than one day. Most rentals are taken out on loan for a week at a time. The longer the rental is taken out, the lower the daily cost of using one.

The price a person will pay is in part determined by where the pickup and drop off points are. The highest costs are found at campervan rental depots in London while places like Edinburgh are much lower.

Another fact about the cost of a campervan rental is the age of the campervan itself. A campervan less than 5 years old will have a higher rental price than one that is older.

How old do you have to be to rent a campervan in the UK?

In the UK many campervan rental establishments require a driver to be at least 21 years of age to sign a rental agreement before taking out a campervan. There are some that have set a minimum age at 25 so before deciding on a place to rent look at the age requirements if you are under the age of 25.

What type of drivers license is required to operate a campervan?

  • For those that have a category B car license, they can legally operate a campervan that weighs up to 3,500 kg.
  • If the campervan weighs more than 3,500 kg but less than 7,500 kg a category C1 drivers license is required to operate the campervan.

Cost of campervan rental holiday in the UK

With the cost of the rental unit known the added expenses to a great holiday in a campervan will have to include fuel for the vehicle, food for the group, campervan holiday park rental costs and admissions to any attractions you want to visit to name a few.

The fixed price only include fuel costs. This amount is determined by the mileage of the vehicle you rent. The larger the vehicle, the bigger the engine displacement and more fuel it will use. 

The food prices are determined by how and what you decide to cook or if you will venture into restaurants along the way to your destination.

All campervan holiday parks charge a fee. Some can be found for free if the driver is a member of a campervan group, but most people that rent out a campervan are not members so they have to pay. The range of cost for renting a space is from £20 to £75 a night. The more you pay the increased number of amenities you will have that can include electricity, gas, water, waste disposal, restrooms, shower, washing facilities and Wi-Fi access.

Types of campervans and motorhomes with their advantages and disadvantages.

Popup campers

  • Advantages include the lowest cost rental and easy towing. They are easy to park and renting a space at a holiday park is low.
  • Disadvantages include no amenities other than electricity. All cooking is outside and in extreme weather conditions, there is little protection. Your tow vehicle must also have a tow bar.

Camper cars

  • Advantages include low cost rental with no special license required to operate them. Most have a popup tent adjacent to the car to expand the interior. They are easy to park and renting a space at a holiday park is low. Low fuel costs.
  • Disadvantages include no amenities other than electricity. All cooking is outside and in extreme weather conditions, the interior can be cramp.


  • Advantages include reasonably priced rentals with no special license required to operate them if they weigh less than 3,500 kg. They are relatively easy to park and operate. The fuel consumption is higher than a car, but not by much. Many have popup tents and awnings to help expand the interior. 
  • Disadvantages include no amenities other than electricity for most of them. All cooking is outside for most of them, but not all. In extreme weather condition, it can be a little cramped inside.


  • Advantages include full amenities like electricity, running water, toilets and showers. Cooking can be done inside and many have awnings to help expand the protected area. They offer the most room available that is comfortable in both travelling and in extreme weather conditions.
  • Disadvantages include the highest rental cost along with the highest fuel costs. They also have the highest cost at holiday parks and can be difficult to manoeuvre. For those over 3,500 kg a category C1 drivers license is required.

Determining the right size of campervan for you

When deciding on what type of campervan is right for your needs first you must list the number of people in your party. Since children take up less space than adults, that also factors into just what size of campervan you need.

Also, look at your budget and where you plan to travel too. If you plan on parking at a holiday park with full amenities including showers and restrooms, then why pay for them twice when renting a campervan.

Providing your own bedding, cooking utensils, child safety seats and bicycles can also help lower the cost of your rental.

Another way to get a good deal is to have your holiday between 21 and 30 days in length since most rental agencies offer a discount for renting this time length. 

One last note, the older and smaller the campervan, the lower the cost of renting it will be.

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