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Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, is widely regarded as one of the most charming and delightful cities in the whole of Europe. We too believe that you will fall in love with the scenery and people that inhabit this small central European capital city. Millions of tourists also fall in love with the country itself, with tourism being at one of the highest in the whole of the continent. Budapest is a city rich in history dating back to Celtic tribes, you’ll surely need to read your history book. During this time you can begin salivating over the cuisine that makes it hard to ever leave the capital. With the Danube creating a perfect pathway through the city, you get a gorgeous backdrop for any photograph. All three important things when getting a great holiday, what more could you want? How about a stay in one of their world famous baths?

Use this time in the capital city to explore world famous roads and hidden alleyways throughout the area. Being a small compact city, it is best to make sure you know your RV can fit down the small corridors! Beautiful parks, rivers, and lakes all await you as your navigate your way through the one and only Budapest.

Campervan Rental Budapest

We Recommended the following Budapest campervan Hire Drives

Although it is not recommended to drive a campervan around Budapest without a destination due to how bustling the city is, many people will take the local transport like the bus and use their RV campervan to see outside of the city. Many day trips are easy to do around Budapest, reaching to all corners of the historic and scenic country.

North to Perugia:

heading north and inland, the E45 passes through rolling hills and on to Perugia, where Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbri and Fontana Maggiore are among the splendid attractions. There are mobile home parks in the environs of Terni and around the shores of Lake Trasimeno, to the west of Perugia. 164 kilometres (102 miles) north of Rome you have a splendid town with roots from 309 BC, Perugia. With it’s incredible architecture consisting of aqueducts and valleys, stop and take photographs of one of the most picturesque cities in the area. With an impressive amount of cathedrals, such as Cathedral of S. Lorenzo, any history buff would have a field day soaking in the information one can be lost in when it comes to this city. Keep going and find yourself on Lake Trasimeno, a place popular for camping among locals and tourists. Enjoy kayaking around some of the lakes large islands.

Budapest to The Hungarian Open Air Museum :

Using the M3, the 140km drive from Budapest to Eger is only around an hour and a half. The final resting point in Eger is a sight to see. Along the south of the great Bukk Mountains, which are displayed so vividly along the journey, is the quiet and picturesque city of Eger. With over 17 churches and a variety of different thermal baths, you’ll certainly be tired when you decide to journey back home. Don’t forget to stop and see the beautiful castles!

Budapest to Eger :

Not so far from Budapest, The Hungarian Open Air Museum is 23km away and recreates 18th century Hungarian settlements. It includes stables, barns, and farms. This is a perfect way to understand great Hungarian culture of the past.

Budapest to Aggletek National Park and the Baradla Cave :

This UNESCO World Heritage site is on the Slovak-Hungarian border and only 2.5 hours away. Follow the M3 and Route 27 to see a cave over 25km long that actually extends into Slovakia. It is one of the largest caves in Europe.

Driving a Motorhome Rental in Budapest

Budapest experiences normal weather changes and patterns. It can be very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. It is best to be prepared when deciding to make an RV campervan journey in the winter, as stormy weather and snow is very common. Generally, most of the roads in Budapest are well paved and traveling is often easy and problem free. However, drinking and driving is illegal and speed limits must be obeyed. The general speed limit around the city of Budapest is 50 km/h while the outskirts can be around 90 km/h. It is not until you get outside the city where you can reach speeds of a max 130 km/h

Budapest RV rental Tips:

Budapest is a fantastic starting point for an RV adventure in Hungary and Eastern Europe. To get the most out of any campervan rental holiday and then plan some more, Trust me from my experience it is worth it. Here are some tips for renting an RV in Budapest that should get you and your group thinking, as it is only a starting point to get you thinking.:

Season / Planning:

Choose your motorhome rental dates with the seasons in mind: The best time to visit Hungary is during the spring (April-May) or fall (September-October) when the weather is mild and less likelihood of rainy days. However, summer (June-August) can also be a good time to visit, especially if you enjoy festivals and outdoor activities. Expect to pay higher rates for summer travel dates.

Early Booking

Book your motorhome rental in advance: RVs are popular in Hungary, and the number of campervan hire suppliers is limited compared to RV Rental Florida or other parts of Central Europe. As such, it is important to book your vehicle in advance, especially during peak season.

Camp grounds

There are a number of camp grounds in Hungary, both near Budapest and in the countryside. Some camp grounds have full hookups, while others are more basic. We strongly recommend pre-booking the first few nights

Essentials for your Budapest Campervan Rental Adventure:

Please check out our list of Motorhome Rentals tips, which is by means exhaustive, but should be enough to get you thinking.

  •  Drinking Water: Stay hydrated in the desert heat. Carry extra water for emergencies.
  • Sun Protection : Bring plenty of sunscreen lotion, wear a hat and keep out of the sun as much as possible.
  • First-aid kit: Bring your own or check if one is included in the rental or can be purchased as an extra, and be prepared for minor injuries or illnesses.
  • Entertainment :  Don’t forget to plan for all that free time, download podcasts, audiobooks, or movies for those long drives. Print off some PDF games for the kids.

Wide Selection Of Camping Vans for Hire

We can offer a wide selection of camping vans from small budget to larger luxury campervans. We advise booking a campervan a size bigger than actually needed. On long road trips this will be appreciated by all the family. Campervan hire Budapest is in high demand especially during the summer months. In order to get the camper that you are after please book early. Booking early will also ensure you get the best and cheapest price.  At the moment RV Rent A Campervan offer Petroni from Budapest airport.