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At the moment, limited number of campervan hire companies offer vehicles in Canberra is very limited. We recommend reviewing motorhome rental options in Perth or Cairns where a much larger range is available.

Australia‚Äôs capital city of Canberra is built around a man-made lake and filled with monuments, galleries and museums. It is surrounded by forest parks and nature reserves, and is popular among outdoor lovers due to its great hiking, bush walking and cycling opportunities.

A campervan is a great way to get out of the city and discover its stunning surrounding countryside, the Snowy Mountains and the Outback. It is also a comfortable way to explore outside the city centre and experience a variety of different scenery and landscapes.

Canberra is a great place to start your Australia campervan rental, but you could also start from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. We can also provide  a good selection of one way campervan hire routes. Please enter dates into the booking engine to see all then options that we have available for budget campervan hire Canberra.  

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Campervan Tours Canberra

Namadgi National Park:

Go on a scenic drive through this stunning park where travellers can enjoy rock climbing, hiking and spotting the former tracking sites of the Apollo Moon Landings. Be sure to make a stop at the National Botanical Garden along the way before resting at the Honeysuckle Camp ground or the Orroral Camp ground.

Outback exploration:

From Canberra through New South Wales to the mining town of Broken Hill. On this journey relax at the Griffith Caravan Village to enjoy a wine tasting tour, visit the World Heritage Mingo National Park while staying at the Balranald Caravan Park and stay at Copi Hollow Caravan Park to see the Menindee lakes.

Canberra to Sydney:

Driving through the Currowan State Park to the stunning coastal town of Batemans Bay and then north along the coast, stopping at white sandy beaches, sleepy coastal towns and the Royal National Park. There are plenty of places to rest on this drive including Shady Willows Caravan Park and Palm Beach Caravan Park among others.

Campervan Tours Canberra

Road network:

roads in the city are in excellent condition and most highways surrounding it are well-maintained dual-carriageway routes.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 50km/h when not posted
Provincial roads: 80-90km/h
National roads and motorways: 100km/h

Alcohol limits:

heavy fines for those over 0.5 per cent


Aussies drive on the left-hand side, and beware of speed traps both in and out of the city.

Campervan Rental Suppliers Canberra and Canberra Airport

We can deliver budget campervan hire deal in Canberra. However, we also have available a wide selection of luxury RV's and motorhomes from top suppliers. 

Specialising in Canberra motorhome rentals means that we can get great rates from suppliers such as Energi and Calypso. Mobile homes on offer are well designed with comfort in mind to ensure all passengers are comfortable. Motorhomes can be picked up right in the city centre or from Canberra airport.

Calypso Campervans

Calypso Campervans offer a good range of campervans of all sizes. They have been operating in Australia for over 10 years and are highly regarded when it comes to Canberra Campervan deals.  

Energi Motorhomes

These are more for the budget traveller, with vehicles anywhere between 6 and 9 years. They can provide a good selection of both 2 berth and 4 berth campers at reasonable prices.

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