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Perth, regarded as one of the safest cities in Australia, is a marvellous city with uncrowded beaches. Located in the world’s largest state, Western Australia, Perth offers some of the most remarkable scenery on the planet, with plenty of campervan parks along the way to enable you to take a rest whenever you wish. In the eyes of many, the journey alone to Perth by motorhome rental is regarded as a holiday in itself.

While there is more than enough to do around Perth, other areas close by, such as Fremantle and the Hills, guarantee that you always have other options should you fancy a change of venue. Touring in a camping van makes your experience in Perth and Western Australia a lot more personal and authentic than if you were to rely on public transport.

Recommended Campervan Hire Perth, WA Diving Routes

Swan Valley:

Renowned among both tourists and locals, this region boasts some of Australia’s best wineries and is just a short drive from Perth’s CBD. Worth it for the scenery alone if the wineries and micro-breweries aren’t really your thing, with the Margaret River and splendid beaches also nearby. Perth Vineyards Holiday Park and Banksia Tourist Park are two of the main sites for motorhome. Being one of the very few places with good soil in the Perth area, it’s a given that this area is also home to many breweries and wine festivals. Take a trip to the many vineyards that Swan Valley has to offer and enjoy some magnificent, tasty wines. Follow the beautiful river to gorgeous mountains and big city lights and experience some of the diversity this area has to offer. Easy roads make this a great area to navigate.


The closest town to the iconic Wave Rock that looks like a huge breaking wave but is in fact just a granite rock formation. Nearby are the Wave Rock Resort and Caravan Park and Tresessie’s Museum & Caravan Park. Most importantly when one speaks of Hyden it’s the great Wave Rock. This granite rock formation draws in over 140,000 tourists each year and it’s no secret why. This rare formation contains stone 2.63 billion years old. As if this wasn’t impressive enough to come to Hyden, one can also view the ‘Hippos Yawn’ which is a cave resembling a hippo’s mouth. Finally, we have Mulka’s Cave. This cave has a hand written story from the ancients living there thousands of years ago. This often overlooked cave is a secret and will surely astonish anyone who is willing to make the light journey to see it.


Thousands of limestone pillars rising in the sands of the Pinnacles Desert can be seen here. In addition, the nearby lake is home to stromatalites that are closely related to rocks that are billions of years old. Those with campervans usually stay at Cervantes Pinnacles Caravan Park or Sunset Beach Holiday Park. Cervantes, Western Australia, (WA) is a fishing town with a population of only around 400. However, while many may think of it as only a small fishing town, this city is also known for its Nambung National Park. This national park is home to kangaroos and also a breeding ground for whales. Luckily, being a small town, it’s easy to enjoy yourself in nature relatively alone. However, be warned of snakes and other wildlife.

Tips To Drive a Rental RV in Perth, Western Australia

Road network:

Western Australia boasts excellent roads and highways. As Perth is one of the planet’s most isolated cities, it isn’t uncommon for a motorhome to be the only vehicle in sight for as far as the eye can see. Filling up regularly is a good idea as distances between petrol stations can be great.

Speed limits:

Urban roads:50kph
Provincial roads:100kph
National roads and motorways:110kph

Alcohol limits:

0.05 per cent. Routes are regularly policed, with heavy fines for drink-drivers.


Driving in Western Australia is on the left-hand side and the roads are in good condition. The AA isn’t able to respond quickly in remote parts of Western Australia.

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