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Belgium is an incredible European country that is best explored in a self contained recreational vehicle. As with most countries in Europe, Belgium offers numerous camping sites which, although located out of the towns and cities, are comfortable.

Due to its history and the fact that it is located so close to other key European countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, Belgium has an appeal that will never wane – making it one of the continent’s most popular tourist destinations. Self-driving is unmistakeably the most popular way of seeing a lot more of the country than you would if merely relying on public transport.

Recommended campervan drives in Belgium
Flanders region:

Head from the capital, Brussels, into the northern, mainly-Dutch-speaking Flanders region, which plays host to the likes of Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges – all of which have motorhome sites available on the outskirts. Flanders Field is unmissable for historians or those that had relatives who fought here in WWI. Unique, flat scenery similar to the Netherlands can be enjoyed here. Bruges may seem like a place where just a funny movie was filmed, but the reality is that Bruges and all places in Belgium are filled with wonderful captivating history. Bruges is perfect for cycling, for those after a long day of driving but still want to explore, pickup a bicycle and crusie to the Convent garden or Grote Markt and Belfry Climb – for the most incredible views of the city. Seeing as how most of Belgium is wonderful on bicycle, head to Antwerp for Het Steen. This small castle is quite a picturesque delight!


In stark contrast to Flanders, Wallonia is located in the south and is home to mainly French speakers, with some German speakers thrown in, too. Dinant, which has motorhome sites near to it, is one of Europe’s smallest yet most naturally stunning cities and one of Belgium’s most popular tourist destinations. Camping grounds can be found around Liege, Wallonia’s largest city. Wallonia is filled with incredible attractions sprawled out across many different cities. From Namur with it’s beautiful natural scenery to the river city of Liège with it’s gorgeous middle age architecture. Tired after long driving? Stop by the city of Spa, where it’s easy to gather what they are famous for. For those who are serious history buffs, don’t forget to stop and see the oldest city in Belgium: Tournai.

Neighbouring countries:

If in Wallonia, you are able to easily access Luxembourg, northern France or Germany in your motorhome hire, with plenty of stop-offs along the way. The same easy access to other places applies to those in Flanders, with Germany easily accessible in addition to other parts of the Netherlands. The wonderful part of Europe is the amount of neighboring countries that all offer an incredible and different experience than the last city. Places like Maastricht are just a hop and skip away, but provide such a different atmosphere to the prior. Don’t be afraid to hop in and cruise around to different countries, it’s relatively easy and hassle free. See our great selection of neighboring countries for a more indepth look at what to do.

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Driving Advice
  • Road network:
  • Roads in Wallonia are occasionally poorly maintained and driving on the motorway can be inconvenient due to motorway signs being missing or awkwardly positioned. Because of this, GPS is recommended. Driving on some rural roads might be difficult in a motorhome. Motorways are toll-free.

  • Speed limits:
  • Urban roads:60kph unless specified

    Provincial roads:80-100kph

    National roads and motorways:100-120kph

  • Alcohol limits:
  • 0.05 per cent. Roads are regularly policed, with hefty fines for offenders.

  • Safety:
  • driving is on the left-hand side, with roads in good condition and AA responding quickly, but be guarded against reckless, speeding mini bus taxis. Using a handphone while driving is prohibited.

  • Cost of fuel:
  • Expensive so accelerate gently and cruise at not too high a speed,

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