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Book your touring holiday with RV Rent A Campervan, and we will reward you with great service and incredible prices. How Do I get the best price on campervan or motor-home hire in Brussels?. By comparing all the top suppliers in one place. How? Just enter your travel dates into the booking engine, and it will let you compare and find the best prices on your upcoming camper car trip.

The city is the most visited hub in the country and one of the more popular tourist destinations within Europe. Many Brussels visitors opt for motorhome rental to discover the beaches, forests and picturesque countryside found throughout the country as road conditions are excellent and camping car and van sites are plentiful.

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium and the unofficial capital of the EU, is a beautiful city that is considered to be a classic melting pot of all things European, making it the perfect spot to start a self-drive exploration. The city itself is filled with stunning attractions and is the origin of many picturesque routes that take drivers outside of the city and into its pretty

Best Deals on Campervan Rental to Tour Belgium.

Campervan rental Brussels need not be expensive, have you considered actually booking your campervan from a depot in nearby France, Germany or Holland, doing so can often work out cheaper. A popular option is to book a campervan rental for Lille and simply drive into Brussels and return to Lille when you have completed your tour of Belgium. 

Booking Brussels motorhome rental early will normally work out cheaper than leaving it to the last minute. Early booking will also provide you with a wider choice of motorhomes, from small budget VW campervans to family size luxury RV's

Campervan Hire Brussels, Belgium FAQ's

Does the web Site show Live Availability

Some campervans will show as immediately available, if you select and complete the booking process you will receive immediate confirmation. These tend to be the smaller campervans and with suppliers that have a large fleet of campervans or for early bird bookings. 

For others, a request needs to be made with the supplier for full confirmation, and this will normally take 24 hours. If the requested motorhome is not available, no payment will be processed and the RV support team will suggest some alternatives that are currently available.

Campervan Hire Brussels Belgium

Recommended campervan Brussels rental drives

Western Flanders:

This is one of the most visited regions of the country thanks to its cosmopolitan cities, lovely beaches, picturesque countryside and famous historical sites. This area is accessible by motorhome and there are plenty of places to stay overnight, including BVBA Camping Memling near Bruges, the beach front Campsite Westende and Campsite Ypra, near the famous Flanders Fields.

Meuse River:

From Brussels, drive south to Namur and follow the river west past Liege, near the border with the Netherlands. Then drive northeast past the university town of Leuven and back to the city. Enjoy sea kayaking from Campsite du Bocq and hiking while resting at Campsite Domaine Château de Dieupart.

Brussels to Antwerp:

from one big city to the next. This short drive makes a stop in the historical city of Mechelen, which can be enjoyed over the course of a few days. Explore Mechelen from Campsite De Klokkeberg and discover the highly renowned city of Antwerp while staying at Campsite Floréal Het Veen.

Driving a rental RV in Brussels: Some Tips

Road network:
an excellent network of toll-free motorways cuts through this small country, making it easy to reach the cities, beaches and countryside. There are a number of petrol stations along all recommended drives.

Speed limits:
Urban roads: 60kph (if not posted otherwise)
Provincial roads: 80-100kph
National roads and motorways: 100-120kph

Alcohol limits:
0.05 per cent; roads regularly policed, with steep fines for offenders.

driving is on the left, with priority from the right. Be cautious of reckless drivers and note that it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving.

Cost of fuel:
Average compared to other European cities.

Compare motorhome hire in Brussels

We offer the best prices available through reliable companies such as Big Sky and Euro Motorhome, which supply recreational vehicles in Brussels city centre. Models range from a two-berth converted minivan to a larger seven-berth with plenty of storage space.

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