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Save money on your upcoming RV rental in Canada by comparing the cost of campervan rental over multiple suppliers in one place. We give you the facility to simply enter your travel dates and our booking system will display all available options along with prices and any conditions and extra costs.

This will let you easily compare and help you find a great deal on your Canada RV rental

Compare 4 RV Rental Fleets in Canada

Fourseasons Canada
Fraserway RV Rental Canada

What is the best time to Tour Canada in an RV?

The best time is during the warmer months of the year, and these are normally Mid-May to Mid-October, with July and August attracting the largest number of inbound visitors. If you are planning a trip around July and August, demand will be high and categories of campervans will become unavailable. To avoid availability issues, we recommend booking at least 6 months in advance.  

Can I drive at night while the children are sleeping?

The law is very clear, all occupants of an RV or any motorised vehicle must wear a seat belt whilst the vehicle is being driven. This is strictly enforced, and if stopped in violation, expect to be fined $80 to $100. 

Putting the legal side aside it is your responsibility to make sure your children are as safe as possible should an accident occur, without a seat belt they are at far greater risk of injury or even fatality. 

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More Campervan Rental FAQ's

Does Walmart Canada Allow RV Parking Overnight?

The Walmart chain in Canada will allow with prior permission of the store manager allow one night free camping. If you do decide to try this out, please be advised you will not be allowed to treat it as a camping ground. So extensions or use of slide outs, BBQ equipment etc is not permitted.

Can You Boondock In Canada?

Boondocking which is very popular is also referred to as dry or wild camping. In answer to the question, free camping of this type can be found all over Canada.

Can I Rent An RV To Drive Across Canada?

Yes, you can rent an RV to drive across Canada, this is termed a one way rental or cross-country rental., simply enter your desired pickup and drop off locations into the booking engine widget. The price of any one way will be included in the price displayed on the booking results page. One way rental Canada is a popular choice, but please book early.

What Is The Law For Car Seats In Canada?

All child seats must meet the National Safety Mark (NSVAC). If your child seat does meet this standard, why not bring it along. It will also mean you will not have to pay for this as an extra. Plus you will be comfortable in the knowledge of how your seat operates and yes how clean it is. If your child seat does not have this national safety stamp, it is illegal to use.

Child seats law canada

Do You Need A Special Type Of Licence To Rent A Motorhome In Canada

Like most countries, you will just need your standard driving licence from country of Domicile. This should be valid for at least 1 year, some supplier may insist on 2 years. Check the supplier's terms. In addition, age limitations may exist if you are a young driver.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent An RV In Canada?

In Addition to having held your licence for at least one year, you will also need to be age 25 or over. Under 25s are not permitted to rent an RV in Canada.

When Should I Book My Canada RV Rental? 

The simple answer and this applies to any country is as early as possible. We advise making sure that you have a confirmed booking before arranging other parts of your holiday, for example flights or initial few nights of accommodation.

If you are planning to book in the high season months of June, July or August, please book before Christmas. For these two reasons

  • Choice: Demand is huge, and suppliers will sell out completely of certain campervan categories. Whilst they may hold a large number of the smaller budget campervans they will have a limited stock of the larger luxury multi berth RVs.
  • Price : Booking early will actually be cheaper, as prices will increase as categories begin to sell out. It is also a fact that most rental companies will have special offers for booking received before Christmas

Can You Stay Overnight At A Rest Stop In Canada?

Whilst in Canada it is prohibited so send the night in roadside stops, you are permitted to stay for a maximum of one hour only. Some campers do take a risk, but be prepared for a knock on your camper door in the middle of the night and requested to move on. We do not recommend this to any of our customers as it will just have a negative impact on your Canadian campervan rental holiday.

Can I Travel Into The USA From Canada In My Camper?

Enter your requirements, The first step to enter your booking requirements into our booking engine. At this stage, you just need to enter pickup and drop cities and the corresponding dates. After selecting the search button, the booking engine will start to display all the available Canadian campervan rental options. These can be filtered to show only the ones that meet fully with your travel requirements.

Select Your Campervan : When you find a campervan that you wish to book or check availability, simply click on the campervan. You will then have an option to enter your email address and get the quote sent to your inbox.

We will follow up by checking for availability and advise you if it is available and possible offer you some similar alternatives. It is now your choice on how to proceed, but we are on hand to help with any questions that you may have. Simply contact us or emails us.

How Do I Complete A Booking After The Email Quote

The email that we send you that confirms availability will have a link to let you proceed to finalise your booking by making secure payment

Canada Campervan Rental One Way Costs 

The rates we provide are indicative only, the current price will be provided after you enter the one way RV rental Canada details onto our booking engine. In Canada, one way fees are in the range of $400 to $500.

The second-largest country on the planet, and the largest country in North America, Canada is famous for its untouched landscape that is perfect to explore with an RV, making rental of such a vehicle highly recommended.

Having a fully equipped camping van at your disposal in Canada allows you to set off on any road trip of your choosing. Additionally, you can develop a greater appreciation of the natural environment found here. Hiring a Canadian campervan can help you control your budget, saving money on hotels and public transport. Whether near cities or in the wilderness close to national parks, RV parks sites are plentiful around Canada.

Great choice of Campervan, Motorhome and RV Rental Depots in Canada









Wide Choice of Campervan Canada Hire Providers

Cruise Canada RV rentals is synonymous with motorhome rentals in North America. After you have booked and received your voucher, you may use the fast track option to speed up airport collection by completing the registration form in advance. Free driver included as standard plus CDW, VIO and SLI all included in the standard rate.

Westcoast Mountain Campers offer Truck campers alongside the standard campervan and motorhomes that are available with most RV suppliers in North America. They have depots in Yukon and Whitehorse plus Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax. Making one way a possibility. 

Owasco RV Canada is a member of the RV Rental Association of Canada. All fleet vehicles are under 2 years. The fleet offers a mix of practicality and luxury. They come with loads of equipment and the staff will spend as much time as required to get you comfortable with the workings of all the onboard gizmos

C Class Slideout

C Large Slidout

C30 6 berth Canada

C30 - Large Motorhome


C25 - Standard Motorhome

Top Rental Companies that we recommend in Canada  Include

Ambassador RV

Outdoor Travel

Meridian RV

We offer 24 Hour Breakdown Cover

All of our selected suppliers of campervan rental in Canada provide a complete 24-hour breakdown recovery and emergency service. All vehicles are maintained to the highest standard, but vehicles can have mishaps. So be assured should you encounter any problems small or large we will ensure you are back on the road as quickly as is possible.

Motorhome Rental Special Offers in Canada

Save money on your upcoming RV rental in Canada by comparing the cost of campervan rental over multiple suppliers in one place. We give you the facility to simply enter your travel dates and our booking system will display all available options along with prices and any conditions and extra costs. 

This will let you easily compare and help you find a great deal on your Canada RV rental

We are confident that when you book with us, you will join the legions of happy customers, many of which we have come to regard as friends. Need a few ideas helping plan your road trip? Read my article on the top Canadian RV road trips.

Canada RV rental Campervan Hire Drives

Niagara Falls:

From Toronto, head roughly 130kms out of the metropolitan area to one of the world’s greatest wonders. The Falls consist of three waterfalls which combined have the highest flow rate of any other waterfall in the world, they straddle the borders of the USA and Canada. Recreational vehicle accommodation is abundant in the region, with Niagara Falls KOA and Jellystone Niagara Camp Resort among the most popular places to stay. 

The American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls are incredibly beautiful and pump over 3,160 tons of water every second. One fifth of all the fresh water in the world pumps through these falls. For those wanting a wet and wild experience they won’t soon forget, take a ride on the Maid of the Mist. This popular tourist attraction that began in 1846 and has tens of thousands of visitors a year wanting to get soaked!


Those on the West Coast can head some 125 KMS along the Ski Highway, taking in Shannon Falls and Stawamus Chief Rock before ending up at an area famous for hosting the majority of the 2010 Winter Olympics. RV accommodation is located at Paradise Valley Camp ground in Squamish and Riverside Cafe and Catering in Whistler.

Considering over two million people visit each year to this snowsport paradise, there is no question why it shouldn’t be on your list of places to see and visit. If you are not into snow sports, enjoy some of the great facilities this area has to offer. With great food and an abundance of events and activities, one can spend weeks in Whistler and be entertained. However, if you choose to take advantage of some of the snowsports, be prepared for over 200 marked runs on 8,171 acres of land.

Canadian Rockies:

A motorhome tour that can last as long as two weeks, should you want it to. Most drivers start in Vancouver, then head to Ashcroft before venturing to the likes of Clearwater and Wells Gray Provincial Park, among other spots along this popular route.

All the mentioned locations have camping car sites, such as Cariboo Trailer Park and Camp McLean. Before embarking on this mountain road trip please be aware that fuel stops are infrequent, and you may have to travel 100KM to the next fuel stop, if driving in winter ensure you have a winter survival kit and a cell phone 

Needing a two-week drive to enjoy what spans over 1450 km (900 miles) and four separate parks (Jasper, Banff, Kootenay and Yoho), this wonderful forest and mountain chain is an absolute delight for the young and old. Most say it’s one of the greatest mountain ranges in not only North America, but one of the best in the world! Come see why tens of thousands of visitors drive through this area ever year to experience mother nature at her best.

Tips To Drive a Rental RV in Canada

Road network:

Canada boasts an excellent network of highways and the scenery is not to be missed. Petrol stations are plentiful. Roads in Canada are in excellent condition and drivers drive on the left. The AA responds quickly. Using a mobile phone while at the wheel is prohibited.

Speed limits:

Urban roads:50-80kph
Provincial roads:70-90kph
National roads and motorways:80-110kph

Alcohol limits:

0.08 per cent, with highways and roads regularly policed. Heavy fines for offenders.


By law, all passengers that are 16 years or older (or 15 in Yukon) are required by law to wear seatbelts. This law is also applicable to drivers and is enforced in all provinces and territories. For children under 16 they are also required to wear seatbelts, the exact rules vary across the country, best to ensure that all passengers are safely buckled in whilst in transit.

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Canada Weather Overview

Canada’s climate varies according to location, with southern and central Canada experiencing the coldest and the warmest temperatures, the north being the coldest region and the east and the west coasts experiencing the mildest temperatures. Winters can get icy, especially in the interior Prairie Provinces and the Arctic North, while in the summer, the interior temperature can soar. 

When it is cold and snowy in Montreal, it is warm and wet in Vancouver, while Toronto tends to be the hottest and the most humid city in the summer months. Heavy snow fall greatly affects the north throughout a good portion of the year, like in Nunavut, which has a polar climate. Across the country, the best weather is between mid-May and September.

Compare campervan hire in Canada

You will find a good choice of campervan hire options at most key depots in Canada. All suppliers will provide free miles, but Canada one way rentals are normal at an extra cost. Some offer special deals on one way rentals, so the best to compare all the available suppliers and prices in one place. When you enter your Canada campervan hire dates into our booking engine, you will be able to do just that. Browse the rental option that range from smaller campers with 2 berths to larger 4 and 6 berth models with all the extras that you expect in luxury Canada RV rental.

Compare top Canadian campervan rental companies that include West Coast Campers, Crusie Canada and Canadream. We have some great deals on winter RV rental in Canada. Campervan rental pickup is available from multiple locations throughout Canada.

The most popular starting points for Canada campervan hire are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Winnipeg. Depots are both on and off airport.

We have a wide selection on offer with the big names in Canada Campervan rental. Some suppliers will bundle in extras to offer an inclusive package, for example unlimited kilometres or free miles. Others may charge these as extras. The booking engine will make clear what is and what is not included in the final price.

Motorhome Rental Special Offers in Canada

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A big thank you for your patience and help in arranging our campervan holiday in Canada, we also highly recommend Cruise Canada as their service and campervan were both faultless.

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Our trip to Canada was awesome. We renting the budget model V24 with WestCoast Mountain campers which allowed us to complete the circle trip of the west coast taking in the scenic wilderness. Being the first time booking a campervan It was an intimidating experience, especially with all the options available, thank you for helping us find a suitable vehicle the help was needed and appreciated.

Hi, Andy Thank your team for making the booking process experience quick,easy and efficient - enabling all of us to spend more time planning a great holiday.

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 by Gang Hong booked Touring cars in Germany

We had a great experience booking our campervan holiday online. The process with RVRentacampervan and Touring Cars was really easy and the pick up and return procedure was convenient. We booked the TC medium class which was easy to park and drive.

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