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Alberta, known for its amazing landscapes, cattle farming and natural gas fields, is a great place to discover on self-drive holidays. The roads are top-notch, making it easy to explore by RV. Travellers can discover the Rocky Mountains, lush forests and vibrant city centres.

As there is so much beauty to see in Alberta, hiring a fully equipped campervan is recommended especially if you wish to visit all areas of this Canadian province. There are numerous places to stop and rest and a great selection of camping vans to choose from.

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RV Rental Alberta

Campervan drives in Alberta

Icefields Parkway:

is arguably the most stunning drive in the province, starting from the two largest cities and heading through the Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. Explore these magnificent wildernesses from Two Jack Lakeside and the BCM Inns and Camping Van Park.

The De Cho Trail:

runs from Edmonton, through the Peace River Valley to High Level. Enjoy fishing, sailing and swimming at Slave Lake from a base at the Big Fish RV Resort, explore Peace River while staying at the Hidden Lake Mile Zero Camper Park, or see the amazing wildlife while resting at Aspen Ridge Campground in High Level.

Alberta Badlands:

offers travellers some unique landscapes, lakes and fossil beds. Visit the impressive Royal Tyrell Museum, explore the UNESCO World Heritage Dinosaur Provincial Park and see the world’s largest dinosaur display. On this drive, visitors can stay at the Dinosaur Camping Car Park, the Westside Campsite or the Ross Creek RV Park.

Alberta Driving Tips

Road network:
Roads are in excellent condition and ideal for touring vans, with plenty of petrol stations and camping grounds along the way.

Speed limits:
Urban roads: 40-50km/h
Provincial roads: 70-90km/h
National roads and motorways: 80-110km/h

Alcohol limits:
0.8 per cent limit with fines and licence suspension.

Driving is on the right-hand side of the road, with AMA responding quickly in emergencies. Be extremely careful of large animals on the road in fact be aware of wildlife on all routes.

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