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Consisting of mountains, beaches, lush forests, valleys and hot springs, British Columbia is an ideal place to explore with a self-drive. A recreational vehicle is without doubt the best way to do this, as there are plenty of places to park and rest. Travelling with a fully equipped camping van is the most comfortable way to discover this beautiful area.

The most western province in Canada, British Columbia has always been a favourite among travellers and is one of Canada’s most popular holiday destinations. Self-drive is a popular way to explore the mountains, relax on the beaches and sweep through the picturesque valleys.

Can you rent an RV in BC?

It is easy to rent an RV in BC with CanaDream or Cruise Canada, both offer a wide selection of Motorhomes and Camping vans available for pickup from Vancouver in British Columbia. 

Need a quote for your campervan rental Canada ?, Simply enter your holiday dates and receive an instant quote. Our rates combined with our legendary service make us the leading provider of campervans for hire in Canada.

Where can I park my RV for free in BC?

There are several options for parking your RV for free in British Columbia:

  • Wal-Mart: Many Wal-Mart stores allow overnight RV parking in their parking lots. It's always a good idea to check with the store manager before staying overnight to make sure it is allowed at that location.
  • Rest areas and truck stops: Rest areas and truck stops along major highways often have designated areas for RV parking. These areas are usually well-lit and patrolled, making them a safe place to park overnight.
  • Provincial and national parks: Many provincial and national parks in BC allow RV camping, but there may be a fee for the campsite. However, some parks offer free "wilderness camping" areas where RVs are permitted to park overnight

It's always a good idea to check with local authorities or the landowner before parking your RV overnight in a particular location.

RV Rental British Columbia

RV Rental British Columbia

Suggested RV Rental BC drives

The Sea-to-Sky Highway:

From Vancouver runs through British Columbia’s most visited region. See the Shannon Falls, visit the famous ski resort of Whistler, hike through the mountains from Pembroke and drive south through the Fraser Canyon to Hope, ending up back in Vancouver. There are plenty of places to stop on route, including the Riverside Resort and the Fraser Cove Camp ground.

Vancouver Island:

Boasts many beautiful drives throughout the island, from Victoria to Port Hardy. Motor along the West Coast Road to Port Renfrew and then take the Pacific Marine Road before resting in the Beaver Lake Resort Camp ground. Then head east to the island highway and keep driving north. Rest overnight in the Ripple Rock Camping Van Park or the Sunny Sanctuary Camp ground.

Highway 97:

Offers a long drive to the very north of the province at the border with the Yukon Territory. This is an exceptional route, passing through the Fraser Valley, by Williamston Lake and through the Northern Rocky Mountains. Stop overnight in Bee Lazee RV Park & Camp  ground or the Triple G Hideaway.

RV Rental BC - Driving Tips

Road network:

Main routes are excellent, while smaller roads in the north are well maintained but narrower.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 40-50kph unless in a school zone
Provincial roads: 70-90kph
National roads and motorways: 80-110kph

Alcohol limits:

0.08 per cent, modest fines and suspension from driving.


Locals drive on the right, and there is good emergency response in the more populated areas. Be very careful when driving north, as there are large animals and many twists and turns.

Compare campervan hire suppliers in British Columbia

We have compiled the best deals on RV hire in British Columbia, and a great selection of camper vans and cars are available through Fraser Way, CanaDream RV Rental and Cruise Canada. These can be picked up in Vancouver’s city centre or at the airport.

Key Supplier covering the region of BC

CanaDream RV

CanaDream offer a fabulous choice of size and styles of campervans from their Vancouver camper van rental depot. They currently have 5 styles starting off with the 2 person deluxe camper and at the high end they offer a family sized RV that is just the ticket for the larger family.

They also offer a transfer service to a range of hotels around the airport and Vancouver downtown. This service is free from these selected hotels, but guests coming off a long haul flight must spend one night in Vancouver before being allowed to pick up their camping van.