Below we have compiled a list of both FAQ's and useful information on Campervan Hire Canada

Where to Sleep with RV in Canada

The best solution is to park overnight is in a campervan park. However, some customers may be working on a Budget or for a simple stop over prefer to make some saving if you really do not intend using all the campground facilities. The good news is that in Canada it is possible to get free campervan parking for one night only in the following locations.


The Walmart chain in Canada will allow with prior permission of the store manager allow one night free camping. If you do decide to try this out please be advised you will not be allowed to treat it as a camping ground. So extensions or use of slide outs, BBQ equipment etc  is not permitted.

Roadside Reststops

Whilst in Canada it is prohibited so send the night in roadside stops you are permitted to stay for a maximum of one hour only. Some cam[ers do take a risk, but be prepared for knock on your camper door in the middle of the night and requested to move on.We do not recommend this to any of our customers as it will just have a negative impact on your canadien campervan rental holiday.  

When Should I book my Canada RV Rental?

The simple answer and this applies to any country is as early as possible. We advise making sure that you have a confirmed booking before arranging other parts of your holiday for example flights or initial few nights of accommodation.

If you are planning to book in the high season months of June, July or August please book before Christmas. For these two reasons

1 Choice:  Demand is huge and suppliers will sell out completely of certain campervan categories. Whilst they may hold  a large number of the smaller budget campervans they will have a limited stock of the larger luxury multi berth RVs. 

2 Price : Booking early will actually be cheaper, as prices will increase as categories begin to sell out. It is also a fact that most rental companies will have special offers for booking received before Christmas

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RV Child Seats Regulations in Canada

Canadian Child RV Seats

All child seats must meet the National Safety Mark (NSVAC). If your child seat does meet this standard why not bring it along. It will also mean you will not have to pay for this as an extra. Plus you will be comfortable in the knowledge of how your seat operates and yes how clean it is. If your child seat does not have this national safety stamp it is illegal to use.

Do I need a Special Type of Licence to Rent a Motorhome In Canada

The good news is that all you need is your ordinary car drivers licence from your country of domicile. Plus you must have held it for a minimum of one year. If your licence is not in the roman alphabet you will need a translation

drivers licence for driving an RV in Canada

What is the Minimum age to Rent a Campervan In Canada.

In Addition to having held your licence for at least one year you will also need to be age 25 or over. Under 25s are not permitted to rent an RV in Canada.

Motorhome Rental Special Offers in Canada

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