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Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, is known for its mild temperatures and beautiful beaches in the summer months. The settlement location is on the Atlantic Ocean but in a long inlet which is a natural harbour. This harbour is so popular that there is a 3 kilometre boardwalk called the Halifax Harbour walk where you can take a leisurely stroll around the harbour and see the small to midsized ships which are tied up to the many piers.

The capital city of Nova Scotia, and the largest of the metropolitan hubs in the Atlantic Provinces, Halifax is enjoyed for its natural harbour, considered one of the greatest anywhere on the planet, and rich maritime history, while it also boasts a strategic location.

Either Hiring an RV or a smaller camping car is often viewed as being essential in Halifax, given there is limited public transport. Tourists to Halifax may spend their days enjoying the nearby bays, the beautiful beaches and scenic drives along the highway year-round.

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Suggested RV Rental Halifax Drives

St Margaret’s Bay:

Just an hour way and dotted with islands and small towns. St. Margarets Bay is a popular destination for sailing yachts whilst the shoreline is picturesque the beaches tend to be rocky but some good beaches are located on the eastern shore on Micou’s Island. Accommodation for recreational vehicles is found in Kentville, where the South Mountain Park Family Camping & RV Resort is located. Ovens Rd plays host to Ovens Natural Park. The park offers spectacular trails with views of the famous sea caves, or “Ovens” hence the name.

Highway 3:

A two-lane coastal highway that is beautifully scenic and full of twists and turns. Islands Provincial Park and Clyde River Cottages & Camp ground are popular with motorhome rental drivers who need to park up for the night.

Peggy’s Cove:

One of the more popular places to see is Peggy’s Cove. By having a campervan you can avoid the crowds and hassles of the tour companies and drive there yourself. It is located just southwest of Halifax and is the location of an historic lighthouse. This rural community is also an active fishing village where the main catch is lobster.

Unmistakeable because of its iconic lighthouse, which is still in use, stunning granite rocks and cliffs, Peggy’s Cove is reached via a scenic drive. The inhabitants of this rural community relay on fishing and tourism. The fishing is mainly for lobster and can sometimes be bought direct from the fisherman at the harbour, great for a fine dining barbecue. Stay at Wayside Camping Park or Woodhaven Park Camp ground.

Cape Split

This is now a national reserve park and contains a popular hiking trail that is 6 km long. At the coastline the view is of the Bay of Fundy. The park is mainly forest with 60 m cliffs where picnicking is very common. At this time, the park is only open during daylight hours and no camping is permitted.


Just south west of Peggy’s Cove is the UNESCO town of Lunenburg. The old town was established back in 1753 with the narrow streets and 70% of the homes and shops are dated back near this time. For those who like nautical history a replica of the famed Bluenose II racing schooner is tied up at the dock. 

Where can I park my campervan?

Porters Lake Provincial Park

Porters is the place to set up home if you want to be on the waterfront, being located on Musquodoboit Harbour. The RV park is just over 22 km NE of Halifax. Electric and water hook-ups are available and a dumping facility for the sewer. The amenities include hot shower, restrooms, Wi-Fi and an unobstructed view of the harbour. 

Woodhaven RV Park of Halifax

This RV park is only 18 km out of town to the NW. The lots are shaded with trees between most sites. The amenities include full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, heated pool access, laundromat,  playground, showers, bathrooms and game room.

Shubie Campground

This is the only RV park and camp ground within the city limits of Halifax. They have full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, showers, bathrooms, fishing, laundromat, store, playground and trails. Being in the city, it is near a main road with traffic, and it is not a country setting, but is in town for convenience.

RV Rental Halifax Hire Driving Instruction

RV Rental Halifax Hire Driving Instruction

Road network:

Halifax has few highways, but all of them provide unmissable scenery. Petrol stations aren’t as plentiful as in other parts of the country.

Speed limits:

Urban roads:50-80kph
Provincial roads:70-90kph
National roads and motorways:80-110kph

Alcohol limits:

0.08 per cent. Despite the remoteness of some parts of Halifax and Nova Scotia, the highways are heavily policed.


Drivers in Halifax, as in the rest of Canada, drive on the left. The AA isn’t able to respond as quickly here as in other parts of the country. As is the case nationwide, mobile phones should not be used when driving.

Toronto, Canada RV Rental FAQ Section

Does Walmart Canada allow RV parking overnight?

The Walmart chain in Canada will allow with prior permission of the store manager allow one night free camping. If you do decide to try this out please be advised you will not be allowed to treat it as a camping ground. So extensions or use of slide outs, BBQ equipment etc is not permitted.

Can you Boondock in Canada?

Boondocking  which is very popular is also referred to as dry or wild camping. In answer to the question, free camping of this type can be found all over Canada.

Can I rent an RV to drive across Canada?

Yes, you can rent an RV to drive across Canada, this is termed a one way rental or cross-country rental., simply enter your desired pickup and drop off locations into the booking engine widget. The price of any one way will be included in the price displayed on the booking results page. One way rental Canada is a popular choice, but please book early, 

What is the law for car seats in Canada?

All child seats must meet the National Safety Mark (NSVAC). If your child seat does meet this standard why not bring it along. It will also mean you will not have to pay for this as an extra. Plus you will be comfortable in the knowledge of how your seat operates and yes how clean it is. If your child seat does not have this national safety stamp it is illegal to use.

Do you need a Special Type of Licence to Rent a Motorhome In Canada

Like most countries you will just need your standard driving licence from country of Domicile. This should be valid for at least 1 year, some supplier may insist on 2years. Check the supplier's terms. In addition age limitations may exist if you are a young driver.

How old do you have to be to rent an RV in Canada?

In Addition to having held your licence for at least one year, you will also need to be age 25 or over. Under 25s are not permitted to rent an RV in Canada.

When Should I book my Canada RV Rental?

The simple answer and this applies to any country is as early as possible. We advise making sure that you have a confirmed booking before arranging other parts of your holiday for example flights or initial few nights of accommodation.

If you are planning to book in the high season months of June, July or August please book before Christmas. For these two reasons

  • Choice: Demand is huge and suppliers will sell out completely of certain campervan categories. Whilst they may hold a large number of the smaller budget campervans they will have a limited stock of the larger luxury multi berth RVs.
  • Price : Booking early will actually be cheaper, as prices will increase as categories begin to sell out. It is also a fact that most rental companies will have special offers for booking received before Christmas

Can you stay overnight at a rest stop in Canada?

Whilst in Canada it is prohibited so send the night in roadside stops you are permitted to stay for a maximum of one hour only. Some campers do take a risk, but be prepared for a knock on your camper door in the middle of the night and requested to move on.We do not recommend this to any of our customers as it will just have a negative impact on your Canadian campervan rental holiday.

  • Choice: Demand is huge and suppliers will sell out completely of certain campervan categories. Whilst they may hold a large number of the smaller budget campervans they will have a limited stock of the larger luxury multi berth RVs.
  • Price : Booking early will actually be cheaper, as prices will increase as categories begin to sell out. It is also a fact that most rental companies will have special offers for booking received before Christmas
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Can I Travel Into The USA from Canada in my Camper?

Most rental companies impose no restriction on travel into the USA, but if it is a one way rental it must be returned within Canada.

How does the Booking process work ?

Enter your requirements The first step to enter your booking requirements into our booking engine. At this stage you just need to enter pickup and drop cities and the corresponding dates. After Selecting the search button the booking engine will start to display all the available Canadian campervan rental options. These can be filtered to show only the ones that meet fully with your travel requirements.

Select Your Campervan : When you find a campervan that you wish to book or check availability simply click on the campervan. You will then have an option to enter your email address and get the quote sent to your inbox.

We will follow up by checking for availability and advise you if it is available and possible offer similar alternatives. It is now your choice on how to proceed, but we are on hand to help with any questions that you may have. Simply contact us or emails us.

How do I complete a Booking after the email Quote

The email that we send you that confirms availability will have a link to let you proceed to finalise your booking by making secure payment.

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After a lot of research we booked through Andy at RVRentacampervan with excellent results. Being our first experience of a motorhome the supplier Fraserway were very understanding, returning emails promptly, arranging pickups and catering for a minor change of plans.We had no complaints with the motorhome that Frazerway provided and the service was more than adequate. The staff were friendly and efficient. We had one small accident with the plumbing but that was put down to wear and tear so no extra charges levied,

Thanks for a fantastic stress free holiday.


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