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The largest city in the province of Alberta, Calgary is famous for its oil culture and location at the foot of the Canadian Prairies, not to mention it is the east’s gateway to the unforgettable Canadian Rockies. Calgary is an incredibly popular choice for those that decide to tour Canada in motorhome rental.

Calgary campervan rental allows you to get around the city as well as nearby national parks, making it a popular mode of transport with lovers of the great outdoors.

Book campingvans and smaller camper cars with RV Rent A Campervan today and start planning a Canadian holiday that you and your family will remember.

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The internet’s best deals on Calgary RV rental have been compiled by RVRentaCampervan. Pick your vehicle from Inglewood, Bridgeland, Forest Lawn International Drive, Misison, Kensington or other Calgary city locations. Motorhome rentals are also available for pick up from Calgary International Airport. SVC Super Camper Van, GW C22 Deluxe Mobile Home C22 or C24 Medium Run of Fleet are some of the most common models of Campervan found in Calgary.

Recommended RV Campervan Drives in the Calgary

  • Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park: A scenic 3-hour drive south of the city centre that plays host to a UNESCO World Heritage site joined with Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. Touring van accommodation can be found at Townsite Campground, Belly River and Crandell Mountain. . This 4556 sq km (1,720 sq miles) park is a completely innovative idea that forms a friendship between the United States and Canada, each country taking responsibility together for an environment that’s taken care of. From the animal life to the water treatment, both countries work together to care for this beautiful park. Another incredibly unique feature of this park is that it is home to 5 seperate ecoregions: aspen parkland, fescue grassland, alpine tundra, subalpine forest, and alpane forest. These five ecoregions provide a different backdrop for each visitor and what they desire to see on their trip to this beautiful place. With it’s wide variety of ecoregions, it’s no wonder it is also home to many species and creates a unique place for one to visit.
  • Banff and Jasper: Two of the province’s most famous winter ski areas which are also popular summer escapes. The drive alone is worth making the journey, for and those with a camping van can park and stay at Mount Kidd Camping Van Park or Quinn Creek Campground. A home to national parks, hot springs, lakes, rivers, and wildlife – what more could anyone want in this incredibly scenic adventure? For 300 miles (480 kilometers) there is no shortage of things to do as you cruise down the highway through these two connecting areas. Most people will stop in the Whyte Museum and Banff Museum to get a quick understanding of what they are looking at, and then cruise to one of the scenic lookouts. Another famous and also considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world is the Icefields Parkway. The Icefields Parkway is 143 miles (227 kilometers) of incredible driving terrain as you leave Lake Louise, another spectacular glacier lake in the area that is not to be missed on your journey.
  • Canadian Rockies:A memorable cruise that can last anything up to two weeks, with most visitors making sure they take in Wells Gray Provincial Park. Cariboo Trailer Park and Camp McLean are popular stopovers for those with a Motorhome. This mountain range is considered one of the greatest in not only North America, but in the world. Explorers and adventure enthusiasts come from all over to have a glimpse at this spectacular mountain range. With it’s tremendous size of 1,450 km (900 mi), it’s no wonder it takes 2 weeks for most to drive through and see the area. Whatever you are looking for in your adventure when it comes to mountains, the Rockies will surely live up to your expectations. Incredibly, the Rockies are so large they actually make up four seperate parks (Jasper, Banff, Kootenay and Yoho). Whether you are a laid back driver or a person who likes to get out and explore the forest, you will always be entertained on this trip of a lifetime.

Tips To Drive a Rental RV in Calgary

Road network:

Calgary, and Alberta at large, boasts excellent highways with some of the best scenery in the country, given that the city is a gateway to the Canadian Rockies. Petrol stations are plentiful.

Speed limits:

Provincial roads:70-90kph

Urban roads:50-80kph

National roads and motorways:80-110kph

Alcohol limits:

0.08 per cent, with Alberta highways and roads containing a heavy police presence, with heavy fines for offenders.


Drivers in Calgary and the rest of Canada drive on the left, with the AA able to respond quickly to breakdowns close to the city. Making use of a mobile phone while driving in Calgary is prohibited without a hands-free kit.

Top Brands Offering Calgary RV Rentals  

Calgary, Canada is home to a thriving campervan and motorhome rental scene. We have partnered with Cruise Canada, Canadream, Owasco, Fraserway, Four Season Rental and Motorhome Travel Canada all offer a choice of fully equipped RV rentals for pickup from the Airport or Calgary downtown To get the best deal for your Toronto Airport RV rental adventure, comparing options from various brands is key. Here's a quick guide to get you started to some of the key brands offering campervan rental in Halifax, Canada:

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Fraswerway RV Rentals Canada
Fourseasons Canada
Cruise Canada

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Canadream Toronto, Canada

Canadream RV Rental

Canadream is part of the Apollo Group of car and motorhome rental companies and is strongly associated with campervan rental in all parts of Canada. They have earned a deserved reputation within the RV Canada rental fraternity for customer excellent service s and quality campervans. 

CanaDream RV Rental Depot Details:

292154 Crosspointe Drive, Calgary , Canada

Motor Home Travel, Toronto, Canada

If you are arriving into Toronto Airport or thinking of picking up an RV near Toronto, check out the offerings from Motorhome Travel Canada. This is a Toronto based RV and Campervan Hire Company that caters for both short term and long term RV rentals in the vicinity of Toronto. As they are local, they do not offer a one way hire Canada service. That aside, they have a good range of campervans from budget to luxury.

Cruise Canada

Cruise Canada Toronto

Cruise Canada RV Rental Depot Details:

Direction to Alberta - Calgary (YVC)
The depot is approximately 10 kilometres from the airport.
From Trans Canada Highway, exit at Barlow Trail northbound to 32nd Avenue, NE. Turn right eastbound to 26th Street, NE. Turn right approximately 0.25km.

The C19 Compact Cruise Canada Motorhome can sleep up to three people and features a rear kitchen for extra interior space. Larger groups should opt for Cruise Canada's Standard model, which can comfortably sleep up to five people. 

3 Berth Sleeper

Good, 73%  | 2000 + Reviews



  • 2 Burner Gas Hob
  • AC in drivers cab
  •  Furnace
  • Generator
  • ABS brakes

Maximum capacity of 3 adults, best recommended for 2 adults & a child.

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C25 - Standard Motorhome

Good, 73%  | 2000 + Reviews



  • ABS brakes
  • AC in drivers cab
  •  Furnace

This medium size vehicle is ideal for two couples or a family of up to five.

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The C30 is the biggest Campervan on Cruise Canada’s RV Rental fleet. Recommended for 4 adults and 2 little ones

All standard kitchen and bathroom facilities are present. When it comes to sleep time, it offers plenty of space. With a rear bed, bed in roof canopy and a sofa fold out bed in the living dining area.  

Good, 73%  | 2000 + Reviews



  • 2 Burner Gas Hob
  • AC in drivers cab
  •  CD/Radio

The C30 is the largest motor home in Cruise America's fleet and can sleep a family of up to 7 people and 1 child

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One Way costs Cruise Canada

The cost of one way Campervan Hire Canada with Cruise Canada RV Rental will depend on the actual starting and ending point, but expect to fall in a range from $250-$700. When you generate a quote, any one way fee will be highlighted so that you can easily compare the charge against other suppliers at the required locations.

Fraserway RV Rental Toronto

Fraswerway RV Rentals Canada

Fraserway RV Rental Calgary :  This is a major RV Rental Canada and offer a wide choice of campers from small truck campers to C-class motorhome.  These guys are also a good choice for one way Canada RV rentals, with depots located across Canada. 

Arriving into Toronto airport? Fraserway offers complimentary transfers to and from the airport, airport and downtown hotels.

FraserWay Toronto Depot Details

536 Kingsview Way SE, Airdrie , Canada

Hours of operation:
Mon to Sat: 08:30 to 15:00
Sun: Closed

Four Seasons RV Rental Toronto

Fourseasons Canada

Four Seasons RV Rental : Four seasons is a division of Fraserway RV Rentals with a focus on a more budget friendly range of campervans. They have 5 depot locations in Canada. With depots in Halifax, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver (Abbotsford) they are a favourite choice for one way campervan rentals. 

Even with more affordable pricing, Owasco RV Rentals offer good and well-equipped and reliable fleet of rental RVs. They Specialize in van conversions and Class C motorhomes. Choose from six rental options tailored to various family sizes. Notably, these vehicles are permitted to travel into the USA. As a subsidiary of Fraserway RV, Owasco ensures that their motorhomes are well-maintained and not excessively aged, providing customers with reliable and up-to-date rental options.

All vehicles are permitted to travel into the USA. As a subsidiary of Fraserway RV, Owasco ensures that their motorhomes are well-maintained and not excessively aged, providing customers with reliable and up-to-date rental options.

The Four Seasons RV Rental Toronto depot is located at 292154 Crosspointe Drive, Calgary , Canada. Usually, they are open to work Monday to Friday between 8:30AM-5PM. However, for weekends, they are closed between Nov 1 – Mar 31, and open between April 1 – Oct 31

Four Seasons Airport and Hotel Transfers

Four Seasons RV Rentals offer shuttles transfers from and to major airports, airport hotels, and selected hotels. For arrival on an overseas flight, it is required that customers stay at a hotel for the first night. To schedule a shuttle transfer, please contact the rental station 3–5 days before the pickup date.

Calgary RV Rental FAQs

How much does it cost to rent an RV in or near Calgary?

Renting small trailers and campervans cost around $50 to $150 per night. For motorhomes and larger trailers, you can expect to pay an average of $100 to $250 per night. Some providers make their rates cheaper when they have special offers, while others make your RV rental cheaper if you rent them for longer periods. However, prices may change with season, demand and providers.

Can I Travel Into The USA From Canada In My Camper?

Crossing into the USA is permitted with the campervan rental providers, but make sure you have all the documentation required for personal entry into the USA

How do I book RV Rental Canada?

  • Enter your travel dates: The first step to enter your booking requirements into our booking engine. At this stage, you just need to enter pickup and drop cities and the corresponding dates. After selecting the search button, the booking engine will start to display all the available Canadian campervan rental options. These can be filtered to show only the ones that meet fully with your travel requirements.
  • Select Your Campervan : When you find a campervan that you wish to book or check availability, simply click on the campervan. You will then have an option to enter your email address and get the quote sent to your inbox.

We will follow up by checking for availability and advise you if it is available and possible offer you some similar alternatives. It is now your choice on how to proceed, but we are on hand to help with any questions that you may have. Simply contact us or emails us.

How Do I Complete A Booking After The Email Quote?

The email that we send you that confirms availability will have a link to let you proceed to finalise your booking by making secure payment

Does the price include free miles?

RV Rental companies in Calgary and elsewhere in Canada do not offer free miles as part of the standard rate. Please check with your each supplier on how much they charge for mile travelled.

Extra miles can be selected during the booking phase, see typical example of Mileage packs available.

Cost for RV miles in Canada

Can I take my RV one way and drop it off somewhere else?

Yes, One way or point to point or one way RV rental Canada is a very popular option, but please bite additional one way fees will apply.

How many people can sleep in an RV?

Large RVs can take 6 to 12 people. A maximum of 8 people can occupy Mid sized motorhomes. However, smaller travel trailers can take just 2 to 4 individuals.

Are RV rentals pet-friendly?

Most RV rentals allow pets, some may charge an extra for pets, while others may not allow it at all. To be sure that your RV rental is pet-friendly, check the listings to see if there's an available option RV rental that accommodates pets.

Does Walmart Canada allow RV parking overnight?

The Walmart chain in Canada will allow with prior permission of the store manager allow one night free camping. If you do decide to try this out, please be advised you will not be allowed to treat it as a camping ground. So extensions or use of slide outs, BBQ equipment etc is not permitted.

 Can you Boondock in Canada?

Boondocking which is very popular is also referred to as dry or wild camping. In answer to the question, free camping of this type can be found all over Canada.

Can You Stay Overnight At A Rest Stop In Canada?

Whilst in Canada it is prohibited so send the night in roadside stops, you are permitted to stay for a maximum of one hour only. Some campers do take a risk, but be prepared for a knock on your camper door in the middle of the night and requested to move on. We do not recommend this to any of our customers as it will just have a negative impact on your Canadian campervan rental holiday.