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When you book your campervan holiday with RVRentaCampervan you will be rewarded with not only great service and the best hiring price. How Do I get the best deal on campervan or motorhome hire in Croatia? It’s simple you need to compare all the top suppliers offering camping car renting service. How? Just enter your travel dates into the booking engine and it will let you compare and find the best prices on your upcoming camper adventure holiday.

As Croatia is surrounded by Italy, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, those with a campervan have the chance to visit other European countries when they aren’t exploring the likes of Istria, Slavonia, Kvarner and Dalmatia – Croatia’s most popular regions.

Croatia is a magnificent country to explore with motorhome rental as you make your way from the towns and cities to the country’s famous beach areas or mountainous regions. Camping sites are plentiful and affordable, with the selection of motorhomes pleasing.

Recommended Campervan drives in Croatia


Bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Serbia, this area is north of the River Drava and plays host to endless amounts of photo-worthy forests and fields. Campervan sites are found at Camping Turist and Camping Plitvice.


The seashore, highlands and bay here are unforgettable and travelling in a motorhome allows you to stop off along the way at Prati Vendeghaz Rabac and rest up whenever you feel the need.


Has some of Croatia’s most popular destinations within its confines, such as Split, and is divided into highlands, towns, villages and beach resorts – meaning there are plenty of scenic drives to enjoy. Camp Galeb and Konoba Kito are among the most popular sites for those with motorhomes.

Driving a rental RV in Croatia

Road network:

Although Croatia’s roads are normally well maintained, they are usually narrow and laden with curves while slippery when wet and sometimes having animals cross them. Petrol stations are easy to locate.

Speed limits:

Urban roads:50kph unless specified
Provincial roads:90kph
National roads and motorways:110-130kph

Alcohol limits:

0.05 per cent. The authorities hand out strict penalties to offenders.


Driving in Croatia is on the right-hand side, with the AA responding quickly to calls for help. Local reckless driving might be experienced on rural roads and remote highways. Using a mobile phone when driving in Croatia is prohibited.

Compare Campervan Rental in Croatia

The best deals on Campervan hire in Croatia have been collated right here. This service is available in the capital of Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik and Pula, among other cities and airports. Giottiline K600, I-TEC 6300 G, and TEC Freetec 638 are some of the most common forms of motorhome in Croatia. Our key partners in Croatia are Rudolf Motorhomes and Petroni Campervans.

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