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Is Dubrovnik campervan rental friendly?

Dubrovnik and Croatia in general is considered to be campervan friendly. There are a number of designated campsites in the area, as well as parking areas where campervans and motorhomes are permitted to park overnight. However. We advise avoiding parking in town centres and to only park your campervan in a designated parking area on the outskirts of the city and use public transportation or a taxi to get into the city centre. It is also important to be mindful of local parking regulations and to only park in designated areas.

RV Rental Dubrovnik Attractions

At the extreme south of Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea, lies the striking walled city of Dubrovnik. It is a town with only over 40,000 residents, but it is definitely a prominent destination for tourists who love going to the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik is listed as a UNISECO World Heritage Site since 1979. This city used to be an independent republic which survived mainly by trading for centuries. However, in the early 19th century, the city was discovered by the elite, celebrities, and blue-blooded royalties, making it a great destination for holiday seekers from around the world.

If you watch the Game of Thrones, you will recognize the sites and the striking features of Dubrovnik because it has graced the show since the second season. The old town was the location for the ‘Kings Landing’, ‘Qarth’, and other fictional locations. That said, it has catapulted the popularity of the city and tourists now enjoy the ‘Thrones’ walking tours. There’s also a replica of the ‘Iron Throne’ in a tiny shop around Zudioska Ulica.

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Dubrovnik Campervan Rental Highlights

Although Dubrovnik was severely damaged by the 1667 earthquake, the city managed to preserve its stunning Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance churches, convents, fountains, and palaces. In the 1990s, the city was damaged by armed conflict, but is now under major restoration coordinated by the UNESCO.

Driving throughout the old town can be a bit difficult at first glance since there are numerous maze-like streets that are smaller than usual. But thankfully, there are signs at the entryways of these little streets which also show a directory type of ad with businesses, shops, accommodations, and restaurants found in a specific location.

If you are planning to go on a road trip, a rented campervan is ideal for two reasons: one is for your comfort and convenience, and the other is for getting on the road at your own pace and enjoyment. And of course, above it all, it is cost-effective than commuting and spending more money on hotel fees and every time you need to stop over at a site.

First in your itinerary should be the attractions in the old town, namely:

The Bell Tower is a popular destination because of its bronze statues which strike the huge bell every hour.

Roland’s Column is just in front of the Bell Tower, and it is a slender stone flag staff of a legendary knight. It is also known as Orlando’s Column.

Big Onofrio’s Fountain is in the western (Pile) entrance. The stairs on the fountain are a favourite meeting place for tourists and local youngsters.

Fort Lovrijenac is a monumental fort which rises over a 37-meter high rock. It was made to defend the sovereignty in Dubrovnik.

Old Port is at the eastern part of the old town, where cruise ships’ passengers are tendered ashore.

Pile Gate is located at the western end of the Placa Stradum and it is among the many sites in Dubrovnik that’s worth-seeing.

Placa Stradum is the central city street where the impressive Baroque houses are located.

Sponza Palace is at the west of the Bell Tower and it has a Gothic Renaissance style.

The Rector’s Palace used to house the Major Council, but it is now used as the city’s history museum.

For beach lovers, there are so many beach resorts to go to such as those in Lapad Peninsula, Banje (near the old town), and Lokrum Island (a ferry ride away from the old town port).

Other places of interest are the Dubrovnik Cable Car, Visia Dubrovnik 5D Theatrum, War Photo Limited exhibit, and the numerous museums and college/university campuses.

Probably the most exciting part of your trip to Dubrovnik is renting a motor home and reserving a pitch at the nearby beach campsite. This is a great way to cap each busy day tour in and around the city because the camp grounds are mainly situated near the beach and close to nature. Try Camping Solitudo, Auto Camp Pod Maslinom, and Auto Camp Trsteno which all provide facilities for regular and RV campers.

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