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Rent a Campervan offer the best rates and deals available for Denmark motorhome holiday rentals. Our top tip is booking early to get not only the best price, but also the campervan of your choice. If you leave your decision until the last minute, chances are the campervan spec that you were looking at has sold out or the prices have increased on the flex rate system used by the supplier. Flex rate translates to higher prices as demand begins to cause sell outs,

Motorhome holidays are extremely popular in Scandinavia, and visitors will find plenty of beautiful, full-service recreational sites. Roads are well-maintained, well-signposted and easy to navigate, making self-driving here simple. Most motorhome sites are located close to major attractions. However, visitors need to know that it is not legal to simply park anywhere to overnight.

There are great places to drive to within Denmark, including many of the islands, which can be reached by ferry. It is even possible to drive to Sweden over the Öresund Bridge. Many Danish families use motorhomes hire, so rentals are reasonably priced and the choice of vehicles abundant.

Is Denmark campervan friendly?

Yes, Denmark is generally considered to be a campervan friendly country. There are no shortage of campsites and dedicated areas for campervans and motorhomes to park and spend the night. There are also many rental companies that offer campervans for hire, making it easy to explore the country by road. In addition, the roads in Denmark are in good condition and well-maintained, making it easy to drive a campervan around the country.

Can you camp freely in Denmark?

It is generally not accepted to camp freely or “wild camp” in Denmark, as the country has strict laws regarding camping and the protection of nature. However, there are no shortage of campsites and dedicated areas for campervans and motorhomes to park and spend the night, which are widely available throughout the country. 

Campsites in Denmark will have facilities such as toilets, showers, and electricity available for use. It is also possible to stay in designated “overnight parking” areas, which are usually located in or near town centres and have space for campervans and motorhomes to park overnight. These overnight parking areas often have basic facilities such as toilets and rubbish bins, but may not have access to electricity or showers.

Campervan Hire Denmark

Denmark campervan hire Road Trips

Fjords & Islands:

Exploring the fjords and their islands by motorhome is fun. There are many islands and beaches to enjoy. Many of the motorhome sites are located right on the beach, such as those near Nordborg, including Lavensby Strand Camping and Kobingsmark Strand Camping. Denmark has a ton of islands, all incredibly beautiful and picturesque as the last. With over 400 islands, some inhabited and some not – there is no shortage in places to visit and enjoy your holiday at. While many are popular, Læsø is an island that has untouched nature and is completely circled by beaches. The Limfjord islands are 55 million years old and have gorgeous clay cliffs and massive trees that are perfect for those looking for a nature holiday. These islands have no cars on them, but are easily accessible by a small fairy.


One of the most popular beach and island resorts in Denmark is Sylt, which is shaped like a dancing lady. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge and easily accessed from Neukirchen. Full-service motorhome sites include Duenen camping Sylt, Camp Wenningstedt and Suedhoern. The biggest island in North Frisian has everything one wants in a holiday from spa resorts to the fun of water sports. For those wanting to enjoy nature itself, luckily for you Sylt has a wide abundance of breathtaking plants such as the Sylt rose. The island itself has somewhere around 2,500 animal species and 150 species so far, perfect for photographing and nature enthusiasts. Come see why Sylt attracts thousands of visitors each year who never want to leave.

Aahus to Billund:

No visit to Denmark would be complete without visiting Legoland, especially for those travelling with children. The drive from Aarhus is easy along the E45. At Billund, visitors will find plenty of motorhome sites to choose from including Billund FDM Camping, Groenninghoved Strand and Billund Camping. Aarhus, being the second-largest city in Denmark, provides nothing short of a historical and beautiful experience for anyone coming to Denmark. With its rich history and 1.2 million people, there is something for everyone making their holiday destination here. Things like museums, parks, and nature walks are all at your disposal as you venture through Aahus. Finally, the small town of Billund offers more than just the typical Lego land. It also has a large variety of other activities, such as the Givskud Zoo and beautiful museums.

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There are plenty of motorhome holiday rentals available in Denmark with suppliers that include Touring Cars and Arctic Campers, and we have created a list of the most reasonable rentals on the market. Campervan rentals are readily available from major airports, such as in Copenhagen or Billund, as well as in cities such as Aarhus, Aalborg and Esbjerg. Motorhomes are well-equipped, modern and reliable, and come in both two- and six-berth models.