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Finland is known for its well-planned roads and highways, yet it offers huge areas of unspoilt nature in addition to nearly 190,000 lakes that make up around 10 per cent of this famous Scandinavian country. While most visitors with motorhomes rental in Finland come to see the Northern Lights during the winter or the summer’s midnight sun, there is plenty to enjoy in Finland across the year, with abundant camping car choices and places to stay overnight.

The customer service team at RV Rent a Campervan have earned a reputation for providing a first class service, the multi lingual team are always on hand to help before or after you book.

In Finland, we have partnered Touring Cars Finland, Pure Motorhomes and McRent to provide an extensive range of campers including the VW pop up model which is always in high demand with couples, larger 4 and 6 berth size mobile homes are also available. Helsinki campervan hire from Helsinki airport is a popular option, but we can also supply self drive campers from Rovaniemi airport.

As Finland borders the likes of Russia, Sweden and Norway, there is the chance to visit neighbouring countries. Domestically, there is plentiful swimming, fishing and barbecuing to be enjoyed before you start your campervan Finland road trip to your next destination.

Best 2 Campervan Suppliers Finland

Finland is serviced by Touring cars Finland and McRent Finland, both have great reputations for quality campervans and first class service. One advantage is that touring cars have a slightly large fleet of vans and are able to provide instant confirmation on their fleet of motorhomes and camping vans in Finland.  With McRent 24 hours is needed to confirm if your desired vehicle is available.

  • Touring cars Finland
  • McRent Finland

RV Rental Finland with McRent Finland

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Helsinki and Rovaniemi
  • Best suited for - Couples and families
  • Availability - Check here

Why Coose McRent Finland

  • Fully inclusive package deal including unlimited mileage, Value added tax (VAT),
  • All vehicles less than 2 years old
  • 2 bottles of gas (1 full bottle and 1 used bottle), Balancing wedges, CI cable, Cable reel, WC chemicals, Water hose
  • Bicycle rack (not suitable for E-bikes),

McRent Finland Campervan Rental Fleet

  • URBAN PLUS  - sleeps 2, Toilet, Shower, less than 2 years old.
  • Family Standard - sleeps 4, Toilet, Shower, less than 2 years old.
  • Family Luxury  - sleeps 5 , integrated fridge freezer, diesel fuel and an automatic.
  • VW Campervan-sleeps 2, cooking equipment, diesel fuel and a manual.
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Finland Campervan Rental

Motorhome Hire Drives Finland

Finnish Lapland:

Located in the north, in the Arctic Circle, this is the perfect place to spot tundra and reindeer. Understandably, the area is busy around Christmastime. Despite this, it can be enjoyed year-round. Campsites for motorhomes can be found at Lomakeskus and Uruniemi. Lapland is the largest and also the most northern area of the entire country of Finland, it is also widely believed that Santa’s home is here in the city of Rovaniemi. Lapland has many different cities to visit, including Levi, which is one of Finland’s most popular ski resorts. With that said, you actually have many different ski resorts, including cities like Suomu – where some people believe the best snowsports in all of Europe can be done. Lapland, aside from Santa, is also known as a place with the Midnight Sun. Here, the sun doesn’t set all the way during certain times of the year. Before it sets and gets dark, it begins to rise again. This unique event makes Lapland a unique tourist destination.

The Aland Islands:

Autonomous islands off Finland’s southwestern coast that provide a pretty drive before you rest up at Notvikens Stugor & Camping or Kattnas Camping. Brushing up on your Swedish might be a good idea before heading here, as little Finnish is spoken. Many people when visiting here will take one of the famous Archipelago ferries to visit the area. These islands have a large variety of different activities and sights, such as the famous Kastelholm castle from the 1380s. One can also see the fortress of Bomarsund, which was built by the Russians in the 1830s. The best part about exploring the Aland Islands is also the great abundance of nature and calming views that surround you. If you want a history lesson, or you want to enjoy architecture, you can do it here in the Aland Islands.

Southern Finland:

It offers a fine and scenic coastline right up to the Russian border and is accessible from the country’s capital, Helsinki, which has motorhome campsites on its outskirts. Other accommodation for drivers of recreational vehicles can be found in Olulu at Nallikari Camping and Anttola, where Lakeistonrannan Leirinta is situated. The south is famous for places like Turku. Turku is a 13th-century town known for being on the mouth of the Aura River. It is widely believed to be one of, if not the oldest city in all of Finland. Many people who come here will do so to see the famous Turku Castle and Cathedral. The capital of the country, Helsinki, is also located in the south of Finland and is the most visited place in the entire country. In Helsinki, you have a great mix of old architecture and modern living. You can truly get to know the country itself, even in the capital city of Helsinki.

Driving a Motorhome Rental Finland

Road network:

Finland is well planned, meaning it has an excellent network of motorways and national roads. Not all of the south is accessible by Winnebago or even 4×4 vehicles. Regardless of where you are in Finland, you should look out for moose and similar animals crossing the road. Petrol stations in Finland are easy to find near towns and cities.

Speed limits:

Urban roads:50kph unless specified
Provincial roads:80-100kph
National roads and motorways:120kph

Alcohol limits:

0.08 per cent, with roads regularly policed by officers that hand out harsh fines to offenders.


Traffic drives on the right-hand side and the roads are in good condition. The AA is usually able to respond quickly; however, the remoteness of some locations or tough winter conditions can slow things down. Using a mobile phone while driving in Finland is prohibited.

Compare Campervan Rental Costs Finland

Campervan rental Helsinki is popular with local and inbound tourists. The demand for small campervans and larger 4 berth campers outstrips the supply during the peak summer months. With a range of suppliers servicing Helsinki, you will have a wide choice, but you do need to book early. Whilst booking early will get the greatest choice, often times early bird bookings are discounted.  

Campervan Rental Finland FAQ's

What Is The Minimum Age To Rent A Campervan In Finland

With McRent Finland the minimum age is 21 for the Urban, Compact, Family and Comfort campervan categories. For the Premium group, the minimum age is 25 years. If you enter your correct age, the booking system will only display the vehicles available for your selected age group.

Do I Need A Special Driving Licence To Hire A Motorhome In Finland?.

As regards vehicle groups Urban, Compact, Family and Comfort, the renter must have been in possession of a category III or category B driving licence for at least one year.

Please note that vehicles in the Premium group have a weight in excess of 3.5 tons. This requires possession of a category III or category C/C1 driving licence held for at least 3 years

How Do I Book Extras?

Extras such as child seats or BBQ set may be added during the booking process, first select the vehicle, at which stage the system will display a list of optional extras available along with the price. To add an extra, simply tick the box beside the extra. All extras are optional, and you may also bring your own baby seats. If you are brining your dog, expect to pay a dog fee for the additional cleaning required. With McRent the dog fee is currently €135.00

Does Your Quote Include Insurance?

All quotes include insurance. However, It is normal for the insurance to have an excess and this is the amount you would be liable for should the vehicle be damaged. Most suppliers will offer additional insurance to either reduce the excess amount.

Can I Change My Booking?

Plans do change, for changes notified well in advance no charge will apply, however some changes can incur additional charges please contact us for further details. We always advise getting your flights confirmed first before booking your motorhome.

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