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Motorhome hire France is a popular choice and a fun way to get the most of a campervan hire France holiday. We can offer a wide selection of rental options, from small campervans to larger 4 berth motorhomes. All from top branded suppliers of France motorhome rentals.

Campervan Hire France, gives you personal space from others, making your holiday safer. Campervan Hire France is in high demand especially during the summer and autumn months so get booking today.

Customers book their camping van excursions with us time and time again, a fact that we at RV Rent a Campervan are proud of, and we put this down to the importance we place on customer services not forgetting our focus on competitive pricing. We can offer a wide selection of camping cars and vans, all fully equipped, please book early for the best choice. Take 5 minutes to read our top 5 campervan routes in France for some holiday inspiration.

France is one of the world’s most popular countries with tourists worldwide, with good reason. It is particularly loved by those that rent motorhomes and take advantage of this land that is geographically diverse, with everything from Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines, winter sports resorts such as the French Alps and a well-tended countryside full of vineyards.

Self-driving in a hired motorhome is a perfect way of seeing this country that welcomes at least 80 million foreign tourists each year, with rentals commonly found in the big towns, cities and tourist haunts like Paris, Marseille and Lyon.

Campervan Hire France Special Offers 

Motorhome Hire France - One Way Options

One way rental in Europe is a popular option. Some suppliers that have depots will allow one way rentals between countries that include Portugal, France and Spain. One way rentals can carry an additional one way fee which will be included and highlighted in the price we quote

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Where Can I start my Campervan Hire France Holiday From?

Suppliers have depots in all major cities, plus airports throughout France. Getting to your chosen depot can be by budget airline. Most suppliers will let you leave your car for free e Another popular option if leaving from the UK is to catch the Eurostar. Eurostart currently leaves from London to Paris, London to Lille and Lyon. On arrival, crab a taxi to the local campervan supplier rental depot.

Campervan Hire France Rental Providers Comparison

These are the current list of The campervan and motorhome suppliers in France that can be booked securely online, book early for the best discounted rates.:

7 of the best France Campervan rental Options

There are many benefits to spending your days living life in a motorhome, enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working from the road and being able to travel to places you want to visit and if you are thinking of renting one to explore other countries, France offers a wide range of rental companies that can be affordable, straight forward to use and help you tick numerous destinations around France off your bucket list! See below 7 of the best and most tried and tested:

All 7 have been tried and tested, and you can find their reviews online, but the main good news is that France is an excellent option for travelling in a motorhome, with main free parking spots and national parks making you feel very welcome on your next adventure!

Black Sheep

Offering the most comprehensive insurance out of the others listed with 4 tiers of insurance types including the free standard package that also covers insurance for multiple drivers, this is the rental company that can offer you that extra assurance and peace of mind if you are a first timer to this.

  • Campervan Mini - Sleeps 2, full kitchen facilities, built in shower and optional chemical toilet.
  • Nugget Trek-Sleeps 4 with a double bed and sofa bed, full kitchen facilities, built in shower and optional chemical toilet.
  • VW California Beach - Sleeps 5, 2 adults and 3 children, full kitchen facilities, built in shower and optional chemical toilet


One of the few rental companies that is pet friendly, they have pick up and drop off locations in areas such as Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Lyon and Corsica.

  • Compact Adventure-Sleeps 2 adults, compact chemical toilet, full kitchen facilities and a manual.
  • VW California T6 Ocean - Sleeps 4 adults with 2 double beds, full kitchen facilities and an automatic.
  • Classic Class B-Sleeps 5 with 3 beds, with toilet and shower, full kitchen facilities and a manual.


Big SKY RV France is located in Rueil Malmaison for pickup and drop off which is around an hour’s drive from the airport, however the only company that guarantees even their smallest vehicles will come with a toilet and shower!

They do not have their own website, but you are able to book with through motorhome republic, and they offer vehicles with 2 to 5 beds and can boast that their fleet of vehicles are new and more recent than others.


With the most regions in France covered by this company, they offer vehicles for 2 to 5 people and can add practical items to your vehicle of choice from GPS kit, Baby seats, bike racks and even a roof tent. All of their rentals have complete kitchen equipment, and some come with optional toilets as well, see below:

  • Venturo- Sleeps 2 adults 1 child, Stove with 2 gas burners, metal sink, 30L clean water tank, double bed, solar shower, and optional chemical toilet.
  • California T6- Sleeps 4 with 2 double beds, Stove with 2 gas burners, metal sink, 30L clean water tank, 45L fridge, shower, and optional chemical toilet.
  • Trekker- Sleeps 5 with a 3-person bed and a 2-person bed, Stove with 2 gas burners, metal sink, 50L clean water tank, 45L fridge, shower and optional chemical toilet. 


With the biggest fleet of 15,000 motorhomes and pick up points in Paris and Lyon, this company offers with all their fleet of vehicles is 24/7 support so any queries you have with your rental as you are on the move you can get hold of a trained professional fast day or night. This company allows locals in these areas to rent out their own motorhome, so you will get through to the actual owner of your motorhome when hiring and can give you all the local tips and sights to visit as well as their vehicle for you to rent. Rather than list as per the above companies because the range is so massive and diverse, you are better off using their online search to narrow down what vehicle will suit your adventure best. Simply specify the number of beds, amenities you require, location and dates you wish to rent the vehicle for, and they will provide you a comprehensive list to hire from and advise you the daily charge. 

Indie Campers

A very well-known company as they operate not just in France but in 14 other countries in Europe along with the UK. They have the most flexible cancellation policy as well, with being allowed to cancel up to 15 days before your trip for a full refund. They like YesCapa allow for anybody to list their campervan to be hired out but have less of a fleet than YesCapa but still a high amount at 6000 campervans listed for hire across Europe. Again, use their online search filter to narrow down the specifics of what you require from beds, amenities, dates, and locations to pick up and drop off. It is worth noting that Indie Campers offers an airport transfer service, so they could pick you up from the airport and take you to the destination where your motorhome is stationed for you to then begin your adventure hassle free. 

Road Surfer

All campervans this company offer have auxiliary heating and navigation system built in. A few of their vehicles are also dog friendly! They are also the most budget friendly for young nomads, with rates starting from 55 Euro per night to hire. 

  • Couple Cottage Off-road- sleeps 2, built in kitchenette with 90L fridge, wet room with a toilet and shower and diesel fuelled.
  • VW T6.1 Campervan Chassis-sleeps 4, built in kitchenette with 90L fridge and 7.5L freezer, wet room with a toilet and shower, a bike rack and diesel fuelled.
  • Ford Nugget Plus-sleeps 5, built in kitchenette with 90L fridge, wet room with a toilet and shower and diesel fuelled.

Campervan Hire France - Specials

The cost to rent a campervan in France will vary depending on the supplier and also the time of year. Suppliers have daily rates based on high, low and mid-season. As such, it will work out slightly cheaper if you have your campervan holiday during the cooler winter months.  However, if you wish to get a good rate during the summer months, our advice is simple. Book early. See the latest deals by clicking the click button below.

Suggested Campervan Hire France Road Trips

La Côte d’Or

It stretches just 60kms but is unmissable for wine lovers, who will appreciate the rows of terraced vines that rise in tiers along the main highways that take you through the likes of Volnay, Nuits-St-Georges, Gevrey-Chambertain and Marsannay-la-Côte. Popular places for those with campervan to stay at include Chateau de l’Eperviere and Camping des Sources. When one thinks of France, they think of wine without a doubt. Luckily, this journey can begin in pure wine country and paintable scenery as you adventure through uncountable different vineyards, each offering its own unique tasteful blend. 

Volnay and Nuits-St-Georges are known for their burgundy wine and promise not to disappoint. Luckily, one can stay relatively close to their resting place for a chance to taste some of the delightful treats this region has to offer. Also appoint a diver that will abstain or take a local coach tour so all the party can enjoy the wine tasting session,

Route of the Ridges La Route des Crêtes:

One of France’s most scenic drives sees drivers admiring the mountains of the Alsace-Lorraine. In English it is know as Route of the Ridges and is very popular with cyclists, hikers, and motor caravanners. Camping Clos de la Chaume and Camping du Centre de Loisirs are popular stop-overs sites for campers. It is closed during the winter months and proposals have been put forward to close it one day a week, so do check the local tourist information centre before setting off. . 

Stretching 89 km through the captivating Vosges Mountains, you will gain an elevation of 1,343 meters for some of the best views France has to offer. See the Ballons des Vosges Nature Park for a chance to see beautiful creatures like the Lynx or Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines for its world renowned minerals. Rather than hiring a camper, you may consider car hire in France to tour these magnificent locations

The French Alps

Drive along any part of this captivating 740kms route will be forever engrained in your memory as you take in glaciers, snowy mountain tops, larch forests and Alpine uplands. Some parts might only be passable in the height of summer. Campervan sites can be found at Manoir de Maffrecour and Camping Champ du Moulin. When one dreams of snow sports, one of the top places they will think of is the fresh powder of the French alps. 

World class resorts from spas to snowboarding leaves nothing to the imagination for your holiday. Mont Blanc, the most famous mountain on the alps, is the highest Western European mountain and separates France and Italy. The French alps are so large they actually stretch across Switzerland and Italy to create such a jaw dropping sight. Be careful in winter, though – as the roads can be very dangerous! Come prepared and prepare well.

How much does it cost to hire a campervan in France

The cost of campervan hire France will vary with both supplier and more importantly the season. If you are on a budget, you could consider delaying your trip to the winter months. During the winter months, the daily rental rate is discounted. The size of the van is the big factor, although we always recommend booking a size bigger for the added comfort.

On the plus side, all our suppliers of campervan rental in France offer free or unlimited miles. As the price of fuels is so expensive, if you plan your trip to minimise the amount of time touring this will naturally reduce your overheads,  

The cost may seem high, but remember it as a final price. You don't have to  worry too much about dining out as you can easily prepare or BBQ your food

Compare Campervan Hire France Costs

RV Rent a campervan has done all the hard work for you by finding the best deals on campervan hire France. We can provide quotes for all popular locations in France including Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice, Nantes, Bordeaux and other regions such as the French Riviera and Brittany.

If your booking dates overlap with Tour de France please book early. Get started by entering your campervan hire France trip dates into the booking engine below.  We have a wide selection of campervans and larger motorhomes available for 2019 in France.