Campervan Hire Shannon Airport

Arriving into Shannon Airport?

Direct pickup of a campervan rental at Shannon Airport is not possible. The nearest depot is McRent Ireland which is just 20Km's distance from Shannon. McRent do not provide any shuttle service, and you will need to make your own way to the depot in Limerick.  The drive should take about 50 minutes via N18 and N21 according to Google Maps. May spend your first night in Limerick and pickup your campervan from McRent the following day

McRent Shannon Airport

To get a rental campervan hire quote with McRent simply select Ireland and enter Limerick as the pickup location

If you are touring the South of Ireland you will need your own form of transport as everything is remote, which is one of the key attractions of Ireland. You could rent a minivan and stay overnight in the local B&B's or one of the few hotels. The other option is to hire a campervan and explore at your own pace. The campervan rental option will probably work out cheaper than spending nights in B&B's

McRent Limerick Location

McRent Shannon Limerick - 2 Berth Range

McRent RV Rental Limerick, Ireland-min

McRent Shannon Family Campervans

McRent Limerick Family Campervans-min
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