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If you are thinking of touring Italy for your upcoming holiday, then please enter your booking dates and receive a competitive quote for campervan hire Italy. The travel advisers at RV Rent a Campervan are always available to help with any stage of your booking before, during and after. 

We have the best selection of Italian motorhome rental brands, from AVIS, McRent Italy, Van Italy to Big Sky. We also have the smaller local companies represented in our search engine results. If you are after a cheaper a campervan rental Italy deal, we can help you do just that. From budget to luxury camper vans, we have them all.

Why should I book campervan rental Italy with you? We compare all the top suppliers and present all the available self drive options from budget to luxury. This ensures you get the camper at the cheapest price and also the best fit to your requirements all in one place. We make it Easy!

Mcrent Motorhome Rental Italy

We can offer a wide choice of campervan hire Italy styles and sizes from a range of top campervan rental suppliers in Italy. The ever popular VW camper comes in 2 versions, the ionic VW camper with pop top roof. A fun way to explore for 2 people or 2 with a small one. The VW California is economical and cheap if you intend clocking up a lot of miles.

Top Brands Offering Motorhome Hire in Italy 

Italy boasts a thriving campervan hire scene, catering to a wide range of holidaymakers seeking budget to luxury style campervan rental adventures. To get the best deal for your Italy RV rental adventure, comparing options from various brands is vital. Here's a quick guide to get to leading brands that offer campervan hire in Italy

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Motorhomes Italy
Road Surfer Italy Campervan rentals
Rent Easy
Blue Rent Italy
McRent Campers Italy

Rent Easy: Rent Easy Italy is a company that specifically rents out campervans and motorhomes for exploring Italy. They have a fleet of various sizes and types of campervans to suit different needs and budgets, from compact vans for solo travellers to larger motorhomes for families or groups.

They have rental stations in several convenient locations across Italy, including Florence, Rome, Naples and Turin. This allows you to pick up your campervan in a major city and easily start your Italian adventure.

Roadsurfer: Roadsurfer Italy, a leading European campervan rental company. They have a modern and varied motorhome
fleet. Choose from trendy VW Californias for couples to spacious Sprinter vans for families. All campervans are well-maintained campervans and come equipped with all the campervan rental necessities.

Blue Rent: This Italian campervan rental company offer a modern and well-maintained fleet: Enjoy reliable and comfortable campervans with the latest features. One of the popular rentals with solo adventures and couples is the compact and trendy VW California. They also have a good selection of spacious Family Vans, suitable for families or small groups, with pop-up roofs and full amenities.

Motorhome Italy With locations in all key Italian location and a wide selection of campervan hire vehicles. They are able to provide vans of all sizes will meet all the needs of small and large families or couples

McRent: McRent is a well established brand in the world of campervan hire with a large European fleet and are present in most European countries

Renting a Motorhome in Italy FAQ's

What Do I Need To Bring When I Collect The Campervan?

Prepare the following document for motorhome rental pickup in Italy

  • Original driving licence for the lead and named drivers (named drivers should be present at pickup)
  • Credit card in name of the lead driver
  • Passport or official form of ID for all drivers

Returning Your Italian Camper Van Rental

Firstly, make sure you return on time and give your self extra time for the inspection and local paperwork. If you return late, they may charge you an additional day, plus you could be causing the next rental party to have to wait.

If you are going to be late due to some emergency, you should inform the rental company. 

Secondly, return the campervan in a similar condition of cleanliness as when received. If it is excessively dirty, you can be charged an additional cleaning fee.

Is There A Minimum Age To Drive A Campervan In Italy?

The minimum age in Italy is 21, some suppliers may charge an underage fee if you are under 25 and restrict the size of campervan to smaller 2 and 4 berth categories. When booking, enter your correct age and the system will only display campervans that you would be permitted to drive given your age.

Can You Sleep Anywhere In A Campervan In Italy?

The answer is No free camping or wild camping is against the law in Italy, However, Italy does have some free camping sites. These free camping sites are coming under tighter restriction and local authorities have prohibited free camping in certain areas. Signs will show overnight parking is prohibited, but you will also see a sign guiding you to official camp grounds. Aree di Sosta are official Italian motorhome and camper van rest areas. 

When Should I Book My Italian RV Rental?

The mumber of motorhomes on rental fleets are limited, and you should aim to book as early as possible, a few months in advance or longer if possible, especially during peak season or bank holiday weekends. 

Italy is a fantastic place to tour on your own, and campervan rental is an excellent way to do this. Boasting stunning natural scenery such as mountains, rolling hills, lakes and valleys, this country is best explored by hiring a motorhome, offering you an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

motorhome hire in Italy

One of the most visited countries in Europe, Italy is filled with tourist destinations, and a self-tour is a popular way to visit the country. This is especially true throughout the ‘leg’ of the ‘boot’ to witness the stunning Italian countryside and the coasts of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas.

Enter your camper rental dates into the booking engine to find what options we have currently available with top suppliers that include Star Drive Italy and Motorhomes Italy, plus others.

Latest Customer Review:

RVRentacampervan has been excellent in providing good clear comparisions of all the options available for our touring holiday in Italy, we decided on the 4 berth Sky 20 campervan which worked out perfect and again the service from Star Drive was outstanding. Thank you Jeff & Sally


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Italian Toll Fees are Expensive

Italy has a good motorway system, but to use them you will need to pay the toll fee. According to the official site, Autstrade expect to pay €9 per 100 km, which is on the expensive side. It is best to have Cash in Euros, as some still do not accept credit or debit cards. Payment will be made at the toll payment booths that are signed as ‘Alt Stazione’

How much is to Rent a Campervan in Italy?

The cost will vary depending on season and size of vehicle, but expect to pay in the range from around $45 per day to $120 for the full size RV models.

The weekly and daily cost of rental will vary with time of the year. High season will always be more expensive. So if you are on a budget or are flexible then consider delaying until September or going just before summer season starts, when it will the rental rates are cheaper. This price includes the rental of your vehicle and mandatory insurances. The insurance will come with an excess, but an option at check out is available to buy additional cover to waive any local excess.

How much is the Local Excess in Italy

The local excess will vary depending on supplier and campervan model selected, but it is expensive in the range of €1000 - €2,000. The idea of the local excess is similar in car rental, if you cause damage you will be held liable for thee excess amount. The idea is that you will take out local additional daily cover to reduce or waive the local excess, add a considerable amount to the rental price. The best option is to prepurchase excess cover either with us at checkout or with another provider of campervan excess cover. The expensive option is to pay the local rate offered by the Italian campervan rental company. They see it as away to make extra profit at your expense. See image below for the option that you will be presented with to buy campervan damage excess cover at the checkout stage.

how reduce local excess

Where in Italy can I rent a Campervan or Motorhome ?

Campervan rental is available at all key ports of entry, and currently we can offer rental from the following locations:

























How can I Find the Cheapest Rental Rates in Italy?

Any special offers or discounts offered by the supplier are automatically uploaded to our booking engine. Because of the volume of bookings we provide these rental companies, we also get special discounted rates that we can pass on directly to our customers. Do see the current deals available, simply enter your travel dates into the booking engine. 

Should I book campervan hire Italy early ?

Unlike car rentals, campervan suppliers have much smaller fleets. Campervans are expensive, so the RV rental company will aim to sell out rather than have unrented campervans sitting in the camper parking lot. 

Booking early will give you the greatest choice of campervans. Rates are based on demand and as campervan rentals begin to sell out the rate will only increase.

So booking early will ensure that you get the camper you need, but at the best possible price.   

Campervan Hire Italy Safe Driving Tips

Road network:

The road system in the north is extremely well-developed, while the south falls behind in quality, but is still great for driving. Most major motorways are toll roads. Petrol stations are easy to locate.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 50kph
Provincial highways: 90kph
National roads and motorways: 110-130kph

Alcohol limits:

0.5 per cent, with hefty fines which need to be paid on the spot for violators of the law.


Roads are highly patrolled, so be aware of your speed. Motorways and national roads are in excellent condition, but be cautious of local drivers at unmarked intersections. Dipped headlights are mandatory if driving in poor visibility, driving on motorways divided highways, and rural roads.

Toll Information:

Toll’s are more expensive than other European countries. You may avoid Tolls and keep to state or regional roads, which are more scenic and more suitable if driving at low speeds. The Toll rates are based on distance and the size of your camper, the toll can be paid in cash or credit card.

Italian Weather Overview and Map

Italy has a variable climate thanks to its north-south orientation and largely mountainous terrain. Although it is situated in a temperate zone, it is anything but temperate, with the Alps having extremely harsh winters while at the same time protecting northern cities, such as Milan, from the extreme weather. Cities like Genoa in the Liguria region have a mild climate, while the cities in the south, like Naples, have a Mediterranean climate and are warm all year round. Sicily and Sardinia also have a Mediterranean climate, and are generally warm all year, so when it is snowing and cool in Venice, it is wet and warm in Palermo. Overall, the most pleasant weather is in the spring and the summer.

Compare Campervan Hire Italy - Top Suppliers - Wide Selection

RV Rent A Campervan consolidated the most budget-friendly touring van rates in Italy. Campervan hire is available from major centres such as Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome and Venice as well as all key airports. Models from Star Drive Italy include Sharky, Katamarano, Europeo and Globebus.

We can deliver a cheap campervan hire deal in Italy. However, if your desire is a luxury campervan we can also provide top of range motorhomes which ooze luxury.

Campervan Hire Italy is a popular choice and the demand keeps on increasing. To make sure you secure an Italian campervan holiday rental that meets fully with your travel requirements, please book a few months in advance.

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