Bologna Railway Station Motorhome Rental

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Campervan Hire Bologna Railway Station

Bologna Railway Station is Serviced by VanItaly

Campervan & RV Rental VanItaly FAQ's

What is the minium age to rent a campervan with VanItaly at Bologna Railway Station?

We work with VanItaly Bologna and the minimum age to rent and drive any of their campervans is 21

  • VanItaly Motorhome Rental, italy - minimum age 21
  • Auto Caravan Express, Spain -  minimum age 25

Will the RV be supplied with a full fuel tank, and should I return the same?

All our partners have a fair fuel policy, what this means is that you will only be charged for fuel if you do return with the same amount as provide d at the rental start

  • Full Tank Return Full to avoid charges, check for nearest petrol station when returning to the Malaga airport depot
  • Same Level Tank Return wit Same level, normally half full or 3/4. Agree the level before setting off, this will avoid  any additional fuel charges
  • Same rules apply for charge level will also apply to Electric Campervans

Does the cost of campervan hire come include unlimited mileage

Yes, VanItaly includes unlimited miles is included in the price. 

Does the lead driver need a credit card?

Yes, all suppliers make it a condition of rental that the lead driver must have a valid credit card in their name for the local security deposit

How old are the campervans

  • VanItaly  - Vehicle Age The age of the campervans vary based on actual category example the Fiat Ducato Kai Family is 2017-2019 whilst the Kai Explorer 540 can be in the range 2016-2019. The vehicle age range is clearly displayed on the booking results page
  • Auto Caravan Express, Spain -  Vehicle Age range from 0 to 3 years old

How much does it cost to rent a campervan?

The cost of hiring a campervan in Bologna can vary depending on season and campervan size, but for a small campervan that can sleep 2-3 expect to pay in the region of  €50-€100 per day

Is a special (heavy vehicle) HT Licence Required?

No special licence required, Avis will accept your standard driving licence. 

Is Bologna Campervan Friendly?

Yes, Bologna is definitely campervan friendly! Bologna has several campgrounds and RV parks in and around the city. These places are equipped with facilities such as electricity, water, and waste disposal, making them suitable for campervan stays

Does VanItaly have an actual depot at the railway Station?

No, they do not have a depot and a transfer fee will apply, currently EUR €250.00 for pickup and EUR €250.00 for drop off.