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This vibrant, historic city is known for its fabulous food and stunning brick-and-terracotta architecture. It is ideal for using as a base to tour central Italy. Motorhome hire in Bologna is a popular way to do this and allows for scenic drives along the coast of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas as well as through the hilly countryside.

Bologna is the capital city of Emilia-Romania and is filled with museums, art galleries and landmarks. It makes for a great start to any self-driving tour, and there are four locations within Bologna where motorhome rental can be met.

Customer Reviews

What a wonderful trip in Italy with a camper van from motorhome Italy. We had 30 days days traveling across that beautiful country and the van became our temporary home that we now really miss . We found Kindness everywhere from the people of Italy and the country itself was just beautiful. It was sad returning the van on the last day. We will return next year and will rent a van with you as it is easy and secure. Jon Van Leeuwen


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Recommended campervan drives in Bologna


Via the Tyrrhenian coast, stop in the at the world’s most famous art city ― Florence, Pisa for its Leaning Tower and the Etruscan tombs in Tarquinia. Rest in camper sites such as campsite Torre Pendente and California camping Village.

✅Italian Alps:

This route will take you north out of Bologna on a scenic drive through the Italian Alps. Stop at Campsite Estense to tour around the lovely city of Ferrara, sip wine in Valpolicella while relaxing at the Della Rose Alda trattoria and explore the mountains and hills of the Dolomites from Campsite Malge Ciapela.

✅Adriatic coast:

From Bologna along motorway A14 to the very southwestern tip of Italy. Those with less time can stop midway. There are plenty of lovely seaside camper sites to stop at, such as Campsite Verde Luna and campsite Poneto Beach, among many others.

Driving Advice
Road network:

The road network around Bologna is great. Be cautious on the winding mountain roads in the Alps. There are petrol stations along all major routes.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 50kph if not posted differently
Provincial highways: 90kph
National roads and motorways: 110-130kph

Alcohol limits:

Be prepared for hefty fines and the possibility of imprisonment if caught with a blood alcohol level over 0.5 per cent.


In Italy, traffic drives on the right-hand side and most roads are toll ways. Locals tend to drive very close to other vehicles and may cut in front of others with little warning.

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You may book your mobile home from downtown Bologna or the airport on arrival. The city centre is the most ideal depot as it has the largest selection of camping vans, with models such as the GlobeR, the Globebus and the T5841.

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