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Rome Airport RV Rental will enable you to explore many of Italy's natural wonders that include. We offer a wide selection of fully equipped and affordable RV rental options with our campervan rental partners in Rome and near Rome,Italy. We compare deals from major brands so you can easily find the perfect vehicle for your next road trip, some providers also offer instance confirmation for advance bookings.

RVRentaCampervan has established itself as a service minded company and strives always to provide the best in service and also price. When you book with us, you are in safe hands. With our best price guarantee when you book campervan rental in Rome, you will be sure to get the best deal. Choose from a wide selection of Italian camper suppliers that include Big Sky, Motorhomes Italy, Pure Motorhomes Italy and Star Drive.

Ancient Rome is one of the premium holiday destinations in the world. The city itself boasts landmark attractions including the Colosseum and St Peter’s Basilica, as well as easy road access to regional attractions. There are lots of camping van sites, enabling drivers to explore at their own rate.

Rome and western Italy have drawn intrepid travellers since time immemorial, and even in modern times millions of visitors still come to the ancient capital of the Roman Empire. Self-drives provide the most freedom and allow people to take in iconic locations within easy driving distance, such as Pisa and Naples.

What are the best times of year to rent a motorhome in Rome?

Italy and Rome are blessed with nice weather throughout the year, even in winter time the temperatures will seldom drop below freezing, during winter expect average daily temperatures to fluctuate around 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Summer will see daily temperatures of 80 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the months of June to August, with Autumn cooling down, but still warm. If you wish to avoid excessive heat, then consider spring or fall for a motorhome hire holiday.  

Motorhome Hire Rome Airport and Downtown Pickup Options

Top brands offering campervan hire in Rome 

Rome, Italy boasts a thriving campervan hire holiday scene, catering to a wide range seeking budget to luxury style campervan rental adventures. To get the best deal for your campervan hire Italy adventure, comparing options from various brands is key. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

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Motorhomes Italy
Road Surfer Italy Campervan rentals
Rent Easy
Blue Rent Italy
McRent Campers Italy

Rent Easy: Rent Easy Italy is a company that specifically rents out campervans and motorhomes for exploring Italy. They have a fleet of various sizes and types of campervans to suit different needs and budgets, from compact vans for solo travellers to larger motorhomes for families or groups.

They have rental stations in several convenient locations across Italy, including Florence, Rome, Naples and Turin. This allows you to pick up your campervan in a major city and easily start your Italian adventure.

Roadsurfer: Roadsurfer Italy, a leading European campervan rental company. They have a modern and varied motorhome
fleet. Choose from trendy VW Californias for couples to spacious Sprinter vans for families. All campervans are well-maintained campervans and come equipped with all the campervan rental necessities.

Blue Rent: This Italian campervan hire company offer a modern and well-maintained fleet: Enjoy reliable and comfortable campervans with the latest features. One of the popular rentals with solo adventures and couples is the compact and trendy VW California. They also have a good selection of spacious Family Vans, suitable for families or small groups, with pop-up roofs and full amenities.

Motorhome Italy, Rome

Motorhome Italy With locations in all key Italian location and a wide selection of campervan hire vehicles. They are able to provide vans of all sizes will meet all the needs of small and large families or couples

Motorhomes Italy

Motorhomes Italy have range of motorhomes for hire categories into groups A, B, C, and D. Group A is will accommodate 2 campers with groupA1suitable for 3 people. The B comprised  of both 5 and six-berth coach built RVs with rear bunks and small dinettes. Group's C and D are the largest available motorhome on their fleet, suitable for groups of 6 or 7. Group A and D are Ford Transit models, while B and C are based on the Fiat Ducato,

Address :  Motorhome Italy are located at Via G.L. Squarcialupo 50. The depot is open from 9.30am to 12.30 pm, then again between 3.30pm and 6.30pm

Van Italy All Van Italy rental vehicles come with unlimited kilometres and insurance coverage. The Van Italy depot is located at Via Angelo Olivieri, 59\b, Lido di Ostia, just 10 kilometres away from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport. Keep in mind that there

Van Italy campervans tend to be older than other providers, but they are well maintained and reliable. 

Van Italy provides a wide range of options for campervan hire in Rome. The first choice is the Kai Explorer 540, a basic van designed for 3 occupants with shower and toilet age range 2016-2019. The second option is the Eurocamp 2 Trigano Fiat Ducato that is suitable for 4 adults, age of vehicle 2004. For other options, please make a booking quote.

McRent: McRent is omnipresent in the world of campervan hire and they have a huge European fleet. They have a depot near the airport.

We suggest the following Motorhome hire Rome road trips

Gaeta and Naples:

Driving south from Rome and parallel to the coast gives access to fabulous beaches and the historic sites of Gaeta and Pompeii in Vesuvius National Park. Just south of Naples are camping car parks along the Amalfi Coast. Touring van sites at Gaeta permit drivers to break their journeys en route. Pompeii and Naples are places which need no introduction, as they are a history buffs dream even if they still leave a lot of questions. These cities draw in thousands of tourists every year, to marvel at architecture and a way of life from many centuries ago. Every inch of these cities have more history than we can possibly ever know, so prepare to be astounded as you marvel at The amphitheatre of Pompeii or the Castel dell’Ovo of Naples taking a beating by the rogue waves.

North to Perugia:

Heading north and inland, the E45 passes through rolling hills and on to Perugia, where Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbri and Fontana Maggiore are among the splendid attractions. There are mobile home parks in the environs of Terni and around the shores of Lake Trasimeno, to the west of Perugia. 164 kilometres (102 miles) north of Rome you have a splendid town with roots from 309 BC, Perugia. With it’s incredible architecture consisting of aqueducts and valleys, stop and take photographs of one of the most picturesque cities in the area. With an impressive amount of cathedrals, such as Cathedral of S. Lorenzo, any history buff would have a field day soaking in the information one can be lost in when it comes to this city. Keep going and find yourself on Lake Trasimeno, a place popular for camping among locals and tourists. Enjoy kayaking around some of the lakes large islands.

North to Pisa:

Taking the northern coastal route to Pisa and Viareggio offers great vistas and beaches, and the opportunity to visit the Leaning Tower. Versilia features exciting nightlife and a number of motorhome sites. Massa and San Vincenzo also have a selection of sites. . Although one may believe the only thing worth seeing in Pisa is the leaning tower, prepare to be astounded by the large variety of other gems this city has to offer, such as a 15th century botanical garden at the university. Cruise along the famous and majestic Arno river or visit the Museo di San Matteo for one of the biggest collections of Tuscan Renaissance art. Among the millions of other sights along your journey, don’t forget to see some of the incredible architecture of Viareggio and other cities along the way.

Road network:

Rome is the focal point of the regional road system, and drivers will encounter little difficulty when travelling farther afield. Petrol stations are plentiful on all major routes.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 50kph
State roads: 70-90kph
Motorways (autostradas): 130-150kph (110kph in rain)

Alcohol limits:

0.5 per cent; Italian police are alert.


In Italy, driving is on the right side of the road. Rural roads and motorways are well maintained. Breakdown operators offer rapid response. It is against Italian law to use a hand-held phone when driving.

Wide Selection of RV & Motorhome Rental Options

We have checked the sites of all motorhome suppliers and are able to offer the best rates to customers. Models that can be hired include the Volkswagen Westfalia Carthagos and McLouis 211s. We offer a camping car service at the following airports, Rome Ciampino (CIA) and Fiumicino (FCO) plus Termini railway station.

If you are arriving into Leonardo da Vinci international airport, Freedom Holidays provides a shuttle service to its downtown depot. Freedom Holidays is a seasoned provider of RV’s for over 30 years and have a good selection of small and large campers.

Motorhome Rental Rome Airport, Italy FAQ's

What Do I Need To Bring When I Collect The Campervan?

Prepare the following document for motorhome rental pickup in Italy

  • Original driving licence for the lead and named drivers (named drivers should be present at pickup)
  • Credit card in name of the lead driver
  • Passport or official form of ID for all drivers

Returning Your Italian Camper Van Rental

Firstly, make sure you return your motorhome hire on time and give your self extra time for the inspection and local paperwork. If you return late, they may charge you an additional day, plus you could be causing the next rental party to have to wait.

If you are going to be late due to some emergency, you should inform the campervan hire company. 

Secondly, return the campervan hire in a similar condition of cleanliness as when received. If it is excessively dirty, you can be charged an additional cleaning fee.

Is There A Minimum Age To Drive A Campervan In Rome?

The minimum age in Italy is 21, some motorhome hire suppliers may charge an underage fee if you are under 25 and restrict the size of campervan to smaller 2 and 4 berth categories. When booking, enter your correct age and the system will only display campervans that you would be permitted to drive given your age.

Can You Sleep Anywhere In A Campervan In Rome, Italy?

The answer is No free camping or wild camping is against the law in Italy, However, Italy does have some free camping sites. These free camping sites are coming under tighter restriction and local authorities have prohibited free camping in certain areas. Signs will show overnight parking is prohibited, but you will also see a sign guiding you to official camp grounds. Aree di Sosta are official Italian motorhome and camper van rest areas. 

When Should I Book My Rome Airport RV Rental?

The mumber of motorhomes on rental fleets are limited, and you should aim to book as early as possible, a few months in advance or longer if possible, especially during peak season or bank holiday weekends.