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RV & Campervan Hire Catania, Sardinia

The gateway to a number of Sicily’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, Catania is a great place to begin a self-guided tour of the eastern region of the island and witness some of the beaches along the east coast’s Ionian Sea. Motorhome hire in Catania is a popular way to do this and a great way to explore some of the less travelled towns and villages.

There are a vast amount of camper sites within the area, making motorhome hire a great way to travel. Most sites are located along the coast. Motorhome travellers can still enjoy a beach holiday without having to stay in a luxurious resort.

Top Brands Offering Milan RV Rental 

Milan boasts a thriving campervan hire scene, catering to a wide range seeking budget to luxury style campervan rental adventures. To get the best deal for your Italy RV rental adventure, comparing options from various brands is key. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

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Motorhomes Italy
Rent Easy
Blue Rent Italy
McRent Campers Italy

Rent Easy: Rent Easy Italy is a company that specifically rents out campervans and motorhomes for exploring Italy. They have a fleet of various sizes and types of campervans to suit different needs and budgets, from compact vans for solo travellers to larger motorhomes for families or groups.

They have rental stations in several convenient locations across Italy, including Florence, Rome, Naples and Turin. This allows you to pick up your campervan in a major city and easily start your Italian adventure.

Blue Rent: This Italian campervan rental company offer a modern and well-maintained fleet: Enjoy reliable and comfortable campervans with the latest features. One of the popular rentals with solo adventures and couples is the compact and trendy VW California. They also have a good selection of spacious Family Vans, suitable for families or small groups, with pop-up roofs and full amenities.

Motorhome Italy

Motorhome Italy With locations in all key Italian location and a wide selection of campervan hire vehicles. They are able to provide vans of all sizes will meet all the needs of small and large families or couples

Motorhomes Italy

All campervans with Motorhomes Italy are between year range 2019 - 2021

Address : SS 114 Orientale Sicula, Km 120 96011 Agnone Bagni SR (Catania South)

Phone : +393473063847

Recommended campervan drives in Catania

World Heritage site tour:

This is a great drive for discovering the famous sites in the southeast. Visit the Greek ruins in Syracuse from Campsite Rinaura (Agitourist), Ragusa’s Baroque architecture from Capo Scalambri and stay at Valle dei Templi internaz SL to witness the Valley of the Temples.

Northeast coast:

Along motorways A18 and A20, experience both the Ionic Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea coastlines. Explore the magnificent Mount Etna while resting at Campsite Etna. There are plenty of camper sites on this route, including campsite Paradise along the Ionic Sea and Il Cecero at the Mediterranean Sea.

Motorway A19:

From Catania, travel west into the centre of the island, passing through the mountains and hills and making for some spectacular scenery. Camper sites can be found en route, such as Agriturismo Gerace or Eurocamping 2 Rocche.

Tips To Drive a Rental RV in Ireland

Road network:

Motorways throughout the island are in good condition. The A20 is a toll road. Petrol stations are plentiful.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 50kph if not posted otherwise
Provincial highways: 90kph
National roads and motorways: 110-130kph

Alcohol limits:

0.5 per cent, fines are high and imprisonment is possible.


Above average as a result of import to the island.


All roads are patrolled and speeding is not tolerated. Driving is on the right-hand side, and driving close behind the vehicle ahead is customary.

Compare motorhome hire in Catania

Sicily Camper Rent and Star Drive offer motorhome hire in Catania, and we can offer the best deals from either of these companies. Motorhomes can be picked up at Catania-Fontanarossa Airport or Catania city centre, where a larger selection of vehicles can be had.

Renting a Motorhome in Catania FAQ's

What Do I Need To Bring When I Collect The Campervan?

Prepare the following document for motorhome rental pickup in Italy

  • Original driving licence for the lead and named drivers (named drivers should be present at pickup)
  • Credit card in name of the lead driver
  • Passport or official form of ID for all drivers

Returning Your Sicilian Camper Van Rental

Firstly, make sure you return on time and give your self extra time for the inspection and local paperwork. If you return late, they may charge you an additional day, plus you could be causing the next rental party to have to wait.

If you are going to be late due to some emergency, you should inform the rental company. 

Secondly, return the campervan in a similar condition of cleanliness as when received. If it is excessively dirty, you can be charged an additional cleaning fee.

Is There A Minimum Age To Drive A Campervan In Sicily?

The minimum age with motorhomes in Italy and other suppliers in Italy is 21. When booking, enter your correct age and the system will only display campervans that you would be permitted to drive given your age.

Is unlimited or free miles available in Catania

We currently offer campervan hire in Catania with Motorhomes Italy, and they provide 150 kilometres per day free, but if you go over that limit they will change an additional 0.30 € per km

How new are the campervans?

With Motorhomes Rental Italy, campervans are in the year range of 2019 - 2021

Can You Sleep Anywhere In A Campervan In Catanai?

The answer is No free camping or wild camping is against the law in Catania, but you will have lots of options to park your campervan overnight either on a campsite or on a parking lot for campervans and motorhomes

When Should I Book My RV Rental?

The number of motorhomes on rental fleets in Catania are limited, and you should aim to book campervan hire in Catania as early as possible, a few months in advance or longer if possible, especially during peak season or bank holiday weekends.