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The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and an art, culture and architecture capital of the world, Florence is the most visited city in the Tuscany region and provides a great base for touring this popular region. A self drive tour is the most popular way to see the sights, with motorhome rental highly recommended.

Hiring a motorhome is a great way to witness the hilly countryside and the Ligurian coast as well as nearby cities. The selection of camping vans and camping cars is superb, as are the roads, and a self-drive camper holiday will result in a rewarding break.

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What a wonderful trip in Italy with a camper van from motorhome Italy. We had 30 days days traveling across that beautiful country and the van became our temporary home that we now really miss . We found Kindness everywhere from the people of Italy and the country itself was just beautiful. It was sad returning the van on the last day. We will return next year and will rent a van with you as it is easy and secure. Jon Van Leeuwen


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Points of Interest in Florence

Florence is considered the origin of the Renaissance period and presently the capital of the Tuscany Region in Italy. There are numerous art galleries, museums and cathedrals to explore along with its world famous wine and cuisine. The temperature varies depending on the time of year with a low of near 50 F or 11 C in the winter with a high of near 90 F or 31 C in the summer months.

Culinary Delights

The Tuscany region is known for its fine wines, but the food is also unique. The bread in this part of Italy is made without salt. The thought is it is so flavorful no salt is needed. Served on this toasted bread is the popular Crostini neri or chicken liver spread.

Only in Florence can Crespelle alla Florentina be found. This is a baked crepe filled with ricotta cheese, spinach and tomato sauce covered with a creamy béchamel sauce and fresh parmesan cheese.

For meat lovers the Bistecca alla Florentina is a 2” steak with a bone, grilled over an open flame for 4 minutes on each side.

Local Attractions

The Tuscany region is known for its fine wines, but the food is also unique. The bread in this part of Italy is made without salt. The thought is it is so flavorful no salt is needed. Served on this toasted bread is the popular Crostini neri or chicken liver spread.

There are a total of 46 cathedrals in Florence north of the river Arno with 22 on the south side of the river. Many of these holy sites are still holding regular services.

In the center of town is the Piazza della Repubblica where the Pillar of Abundance stands. This is a great place to begin an adventure in Florence due to the numerous cafes and restaurants that are in the plaza and nearby. There will also be numerous street musician and actors to help keep visitors entertained.

After hiring some suggested scenic tours

✅Tuscany tour:

This drive will take you through this lovely region, where you can dine on Tuscan cuisine, taste excellent wine and visit beautiful beaches. Witness the Leaning Tower from Pisa’s campsite St Michael, go on a wine tasting tour from camping Panorama del Cianti or relax on a beach at campsite Partaccia 1.

✅Lake Garda:

Through the Italian countryside to this popular lake, with stops at Bologna, Modena and Verona along the way. There is a vast selection of camper sites to stay in, including campsite Riva del Setta and Lido camping Village.

✅Motorway A1:

From Florence south to Naples through Italy’s interior, passing by parks, lakes and rolling hills. Rest at camper sites such as Happy Village & Camping and Campsite Parking Europa.
The signs on the A1 Autostradas and other roads are in Italian:

  • Uscita for Exit
  • Entrata for Entrance
  • Tangenziale indicates a ring road around a large town

Also be aware town names are in Italian, so Rome is Roma and Florence is Firenze etc.

Driving a RV rental in Florence
Road network:

A great network of motorways and roads leads through the hilly wine region of Tuscany, along the Ligurian coast and to major Tuscan cities. Petrol stations are easily found.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 50kph if not posted differently

Provincial highways: 90kph

National roads and motorways: 110-130kph

Alcohol limits:

0.5 per cent, with high on-the-spot fines and possible imprisonment for offenders.


Speeding is not tolerated and roads are patrolled so watch your speed. Be cautious of aggressive local drivers.

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Touring camping vans for hire are on offer at Florence Airport and the city centre, where a greater selection of fully equipped camping cars can be had. Models available include Sky 20, Sky 51, Sky 79 and Sky 500. For convenience, we’ve amalgamated the best rates on these and other vans for hire in Florence.

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