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Genoa is a gem of Italy’s Liguria region: rich in both culture and nature. The city was formerly the most powerful republic to exist in the medieval ages, fostering many revolutionary thinkers that inhabit it. Ports that were once used to achieve naval supremacy are now unspoilt attractions for everyone to enjoy. Cobblestone roads that were once used to lead merchants down Silk Road are now decorated, pedestrian-friendly paths to soak in the Mediterranean weather. Genoa is not only an important city for ancient politics, but also contemporary art movements. It's reflected in their unique architecture, shown through quirky modernist buildings that can coexist with aged Baroque sites— and still look beautiful. 

Besides owning a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Genoa holds green areas and the wild outdoors waiting to be visited. Your trip is bound to be scenic at Genoa: and there are many opportunities to have the adventure of your lifetime. Many campers feel at awe by the wild terrain of the Ligurian Alps and the crystalline waters of the Ligurian seas. Wonder Genoa with our guide below! 

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Motorhomes Italy service Genoa Airport with a great selection of quality campervans and larger Motorhomes. These are always in high demand in this part of Northern Italy, so please book early. Early bookings will help make sure you can hire that most suitable campervan for your travel needs, and also early season bookings are normally offered at a discount. 

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Ligurian Alps

Northern Italy is topographically diverse, meaning there are many natural features to admire. Campers can drive up to the Ligurian Alps, the iconic and snowy mountain range that borders France. It’s a 3-hour drive west to Genoa, but driving through coastal roads in Voltri makes it worthwhile. Often dubbed as a ‘botanical paradise of Europe’, the Ligurian Alps features Wild Rhododendrons in bloom across mountain ranges. What makes this region of the Alps different is its Mediterranean sunniness. If you’re looking for an adventure outside the comforts of your caravan, we highly recommend a visit. 

Parco delle Mura

For a getaway actually in the city, we recommend Parco delle Mura: a parkland blanketing the Bisagno and Polcevera valleys. Also known as ‘City Walls Garden’, the parkland is built around old defence walls and bastions that you can marvel at. Activity options usually depend on the season, but it’s enticing all year round! If you enter in summer or spring, you can do some light jogging or work on your tan. If you’re visiting in the winter, then you’re right in time for skiing! It’s hilly, large and home to lush plants, but still accessible with your caravan! 

Campervan Rental Genoa - Explore Man-made Attractions 

Le Strade Nuove and the system of Palazzi dei Rolli 

Le Strade Nuove and the system of Palazzi dei Rolli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that comprises streets and palaces within Genoa’s city centre. Through Le Strade Nuove (the new streets) hides a network of 16th to 17th century palaces inside. With over 42 landmarks dotted across the street, campers can admire gilded interiors, reflect on European art movements and the lives of ancient Italian dynasties.  

Le Strade Nuove and the system of Palazzi dei Rolli 

Alternatively, visit the Lighthouse of Genoa that rests on the city’s port. It’s the main lighthouse of Genoa, and the tallest in Europe. Raising 76 m above ground, this landmark is still in its original form of 1543, though it is still (regularly) maintained. Besides being a light source, an important feature of Italy’s former navy and landmark attraction, it is also a symbol of protection that resonates deeply with Italian history buffs.

Genoa Campervan Sites

With all these attractions to pick from, caravans help you reach from a to b more easily. However, wild camping in Italy is much more restricted compared to its European counterparts. Not to worry! Avoid hefty fines and find a site that provides quick access to facilities, such as running water and cleaning services. There are many caravan parks smartly located, thoughtfully maintained and picturesque for your enjoyments.  

Area Sosta Camper

Area Sosta Camper: 5 km away from the city centre, and 11km away from The Aquarium of Genoa, this caravan park is an idyllic and still place for campers who want to rest near nature. Area Sosta Camper is on top of a cliff’s edge to the Anita Garibaldi sea promenade. It is fairly priced, with cheaper rates in comparison to other caravan parks, and offers visitors necessary facilities such as running water. 

Camping Villa Doria:

Camping Villa Doria: Quaint, homey with a nearby cafe, Camping Villa Doria takes hospitality and ambience to a whole new level. The popular site is studded with glossy, wooden rain shelters, thriving green areas and campers to mingle with. There are up to 50 pitches available for booking and a receptionist to assist you. Besides necessary utilities such as bathrooms, there are ping pong tables, free wifi and table football for your amusement.

Caravan Park La Vesima Srl

Caravan Park La Vesima Srl: Straddling between the plains of Arenzano and Genoa, this caravan park promises attendees the beauty of the Mediterranean Scrub and the satisfaction of high-quality services.