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Latvia, the “Land of the Blue Lakes” is known for its amazing natural extravaganza all around. While on the one side, wide and serene beaches welcome you with open arms, on the other side, thick and never-ending forests greet you warmly. That’s not all! The country’s architectural brilliance is on full flow at places like St. Peter’s Church, Museums of Riga and the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum.

The best part about Latvia is that it satisfies the interests of every diverse tourist that visits it all through the lover. Art-lovers, food-lovers, architecture-lovers, music-lovers, nature-lovers and many more have found Latvia to be paradise on earth for various reasons. This beautiful country is best explored through a campervan holiday package. Listed below are three famous campervan holidays that you can choose from:

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Campervan hire Latvia is grwoing in popularity every year.Touring cars have depots at Riga airport and Riga downtown. They provide a wide range of campervan ranging from small 2 berths to the TC larde or family size.  

Arriving at Riga

Riga is the biggest attraction in Latvia. The city looks quite modern, but there is an ancient-world charm about it that you cannot miss.  You can get down at the motorhome rental station near Riga airport and start your quest. While all visitors are guaranteed a whale of a time while they are here, architecture lovers are the ones that will be mesmerized the most. The wonderful Gothic style buildings all along the Old Town are a sight to behold. While you are here, don’t miss out some of the beautiful landmarks like the St. Peter’s Church, Swedish Gate, Dome Cathedral and more. With its wonderful cobblestones and panoramic view of multiple rivers, it is no wonder that Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ride to Jurmala from Riga 

One of the most common campervan holiday spots in Latvia is Jurmala, located just about 25km from Riga. You need to head to Jurmala right away after landing in Latvia if you are a beach-lover. With a coastline that is one of the longest in Northern Europe and pleasant climate, Jurmala is the biggest resort in the Baltic region. The cool sea-breeze, unadulterated beauty of the coastlines and the therapeutic sands of the coastline provide you immense mental and physical relaxation. If you are looking to unwind during your vacation, a drive to Jurmala is the best choice for you. No, Jurmala is not just about the beaches; it also has some wonderfully constructed ancient houses, carved intricately from wood.

Ride from Jurmala to Kemeri National Park 

Are you a wildlife-lover? Do you have kids with you? If you have answered “yes” to one or both the questions, a ride from Jurmala to Kemeri National Park is the apt option for a campervan holiday for you. Created around 8000 years ago, this park is one of Latvia’s most precious, ancient and biggest. Thanks to the immense contribution and support from WWF (World Wildlife Fund), this park now houses some of the rarest species of flora and fauna that you cannot find elsewhere. The black stork, a rare bird, is the show-stopper at this park. There are close to 900 varieties of flora preserved in the ambience of a specific ecosystem setup inside this park. Quite impressive, indeed!